Does Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf really stand a chance of qualifying for the Olympics?

Does Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf really stand a chance of qualifying for the Olympics?

When the Seahawks selected DK Metcalf in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, they knew they were going to grow into a tall athletic player. The 6-4, 228 pounds with virtually no body fat putting on historic performance at the 2019 NFL Combine and captured the hearts of many as they drooled over his athletic potential.

Two years into his career, it’s safe to say Metcalf has lived up to it. In two seasons, he averaged 70.5 catches, 1,101.5 receiving yards and 8.5 touchdowns per season for Seattle and became one of Russell Wilson’s favorite targets. Metcalf is expected to continue to be a great soccer player for a long time to come, but he’s also set his sights on another sporting goal he could consider to accomplish this offseason.

Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports reports that Metcalf hopes to qualify for the Olympics. USA Athletics extended an invitation to Metcalf and all the other NFL players to “test their real speed” at the 2021 Olympic Trials. It looks like Metcalf has taken this message seriously and will give it a shot in qualifying.

“The DK agent told us he really wanted to try to compete in the Olympics and asked what action he needed to take,” said Adam Schmenk of USA Track and Field in Eisenberg. “We explained to him what automatic qualifying time he should run in a USATF sanctioned event and told him that we would help him find a lane if he wants and when he wants.”

Seeing Metcalf’s straight-line speed again will surely be thrilling. He hasn’t been a track athlete since high school, but he put on a show with his speed on the court. Most notably, he had an incredible pursuit tackle from Budda Baker on what surely felt like a 100-yard interception returned for a touchdown, but Metcalf managed to catch up with the Cardinals defensive back.

If that indicates Metcalf’s speed, he might have a chance to make some noise during Olympic trials, although hitting the 100m automatic qualifying threshold of 10.05 seconds won’t be easy.

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For context, Metcalf ran the 40-yard scoreboard in 4.33 seconds at the 2019 NFL Combine. If he were to run the 100m at the same speed, he would record a time of 11.83 seconds, or about one second. and a half shorter than the 10.2 pace Eisenberg calculated, it would take Metcalf to qualify for the Olympics.

Of course, as Metcalf is only 23, it stands to reason that he could have been a bit faster as he has matured in the two years since his combine run. Additionally, he recorded one game at a speed of 21.66 miles per hour during NFL Season 20, the 10th fastest time in the NFL, so if he could run at that speed he would be able to finish. the 100 m in just 10.33. seconds.

It would still be a bit offbeat, but it would at least bring him closer and give him a chance to compete with the best sprinters in the world.

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If Metcalf makes it to the Olympics, he will be the sixth NFL player to participate in a sport in the past 10 years. Marquise Goodwin started the trend when the speedster joined the United States Track Team for the 2012 games with Jeff Demps. Marvin Bracy (16) and Jahvid Best (16) also competed in track and field events while Nate Ebner was part of the United States rugby sevens team in 2016 matches.

Before Goodwin and Demps joined the team, no NFL player had competed in the Olympics since 1992 when Seahawks kick returner Michael Bates won a bronze medal. Maybe Metcalf can prove to be another historic bi-athlete for the Seahawks.

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