Do Super Bowl betting odds suggest Aaron Rodgers is heading to the Broncos?

Do Super Bowl betting odds suggest Aaron Rodgers is heading to the Broncos?

The Broncos did not select a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite being on the clock at No.9 with Justin Fields and Mac Jones on the board, the team opted to go with the running back. corner Patrick Surtain II with his first selection. After that, the team opted not to add another quarterback to the scrum, ensuring that either Drew Lock or the newly acquired Teddy Bridgewater would be the starter during the ’21 season.

So why would the Broncos’ Super Bowl betting odds improve so much following the draft without the team making a massive upgrade to quarterback?

According to The Denver Post, the Broncos went from the 24th best odds to win the Super Bowl at +6,600 (a bet of $ 100 pays $ 6,600) to the ninth best chance of winning a title at +2,200. These odds are similar to those from some other books that also moved their Broncos ratings.

  • William Hill: +2,000
  • FanDuel: +2,400
  • DraftKings: +2,500

While the Broncos had a solid draft class, that alone wouldn’t improve their chances of winning a title that much. This is the type of movement that is typically seen when a team dramatically improves their place as a quarterback. As such, it stands to reason that the Broncos could still have a move up their sleeve at QB. And he could try to trade for reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

AFTER: Aaron Rodgers trades rumors – Las Vegas ‘hides’ over veteran QB

The Broncos would have been one of the Rodgers’ Three Favorite Shopping Destinations when rumors emerged that he wanted to leave Green Bay. The Packers have argued they don’t want to trade their franchise quarterback, but they have Jordan Love waiting backstage. So if Rodgers forces their hand, or the team change their mind, they might choose to move him for the right price.

Denver might just be a team willing to make such a trade. John Elway was able to bring in another veteran quarterback to lead his team when Peyton Manning joined the Broncos following his release from the Colts. Manning enjoyed a historic regular season in 2013 and helped lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 title.

The Broncos, now led by GM George Paton, might see Rodgers as a Manning-like upgrade that could bring them back to the Super Bowl, or at least make him a big contender for the AFC. Paton himself knows Rodgers very well, having been in the Vikings front office from 2007-2020, so he knows firsthand how dominant the Green Bay QB can be.

The value of having a top-of-the-line QB in the AFC West cannot be overstated. The division is home to NFL top quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, who broke rookie records with the Chargers last year. For the Broncos, having a solid roster but lackluster quarterback probably won’t do the job. But having Rodgers around to help the Broncos try to outdo the Chiefs and Chargers twice a year? It could certainly work.

There’s no denying that Rodgers would be a good fit in Denver, and of all the teams on Rodgers’ Favorite Trade List, they’re probably the ones that would be most likely to shell out the resources to land the 37-year-old star. .

Again, nothing is set, but sportsbook obviously thinks there is a chance Rodgers could land with the Broncos this offseason. If he does, there’s no doubt the Broncos will be Super Bowl contenders, and those +2000 to +2,500 odds will look like a bargain.

If the Broncos don’t land on Rodgers, however, the lines will likely move closer to the +5,000 to +6,600 range they were in before the draft.

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