Diablo Immortal Intros Faction Wars with closed alpha test

Diablo Immortal Intros Faction Wars with closed alpha test

At the start of this week, the Immortal Diablo The Blizzard team has shared some exciting news that the game’s closed alpha testing will begin soon.

To add to the excitement, game director Wyatt Cheng and lead game designer Scott Shicoff have confirmed that Diablo Immortal’s closed alpha isn’t just starting soon, it’s starting today. Now we know what you are thinking. “Where can I get access? Is my region included? “

The answer to the first is that you should have pre-registration to take into consideration. As for the latter, the closed alpha is limited to Australia in the same way as the technical alpha. If you can’t take the test, it’s not all bad news. Because the closed alpha introduces players to exciting new features that will make you the most fun killing demons you’ve ever had when the game finally launches.

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Introduces New Faction System

One of the great parts of this test is to introduce players to a new system of faction wars for the game. In these faction wars, officially called The Cycle of Strife, players will go through a period of one to three months. during which they can choose to join one of two different factions. The immortals and the shadows. There is also a third faction known as Adventurers, where all players start.

Those who do not choose sides and remain neutral will remain adventurers throughout each cycle of conflict. The Immortals have been tasked with keeping Sanctuary safe as a frontline defense against the scorching hells, the shadows are there to keep the Immortals in check.

Their one and only job is to ensure that the Immortals continue to stay the course and never stray from their charge. The Cycle of Strife is a server-wide endgame PvP system. So players shouldn’t expect to see it until they reach the final levels of the game.

Blizzard was also clear that it included both PvE and PvP activities. Although it seems to lean a bit more towards PvP.

The Crusader class joins the fray

During last year’s Tech Alpha, Diablo Immortal included four of the game’s six eventual classes. The Monk, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Wizard. Now players will have their first chance against the Crusader, the shield that protects the kingdom against an ever-increasing demon attack.

Much like the other four classes, the Crusader will have many familiar abilities that players who have dived deep into Diablo III will recognize. But it will also use new abilities unique to this game and augment existing abilities with more powerful and loaded versions.

While each class has its strengths, the Crusader may well become the strongest class to date. During a special press briefing, game director Wyatt Cheng said a lot of the team are “really excited about the Crusader” and for a lot of them it’s now their class. favorite. Adding that maybe it’s because it’s “really OP, or maybe it’s because it’s the new heat.”

Regardless, the Crusader seems to be extremely fun to play.

The max level will be 55 and will take you through two new areas

There was a lot of content to wade through in the Tech Alpha, but there’s even more this time around. The level cap has been increased from 45 to 55. And in those ten additional levels, players will go through two new areas that weren’t available in the first test. Mount Zavain and the frozen tundra.

There is also a new dungeon called the Cave of Echoes. In this dungeon, players will have to face a new destructive boss. While looking for a powerful artifact called Iceburn Tear hidden somewhere in the dungeon.

Players who aren’t strong enough to engage with some of Diablo Immortal’s endgame content will want to check out the Helliquary. The new PvE-based system that allows players to defeat powerful enemies to gain better gear. Or test their mettle against other players in the new 8v8 PvP “Battleground” activity.

Just like with the previous test, this one won’t last forever. But it will be longer than the first one with Cheng stating that “it will last at least a month” because the team really wants to see a bunch of players become the Immortals. They also want to see the Immortals being overthrown by a group of shadows, and this process will take at least a month to unfold.

What that means for the release in terms of timing is that Diablo Immortal probably isn’t coming anytime soon. The team is planning at least one more test after this one. With the potential for one or more after that. One thing is certain, however. Diablo Immortal is progressing pretty well. Fans should be very excited about what’s to come.

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