Development of an on-demand food delivery application similar to UberEATS

UberEATS got a splendid response to their taxi booking app. Thus, the company added its services in the field of online food delivery in the form of UberEATS. UberEATS is a hassle-free way to get the food you love delivered to the place of your choice. The Sure-On-demand food delivery app is increasingly recognized around the world.

UberEATS is primarily found on the two popular platforms – Android and iOS. So when you sit down to start a project to build an online food delivery app like a UberEat clone, Foodpanda clone or Swiggy Clone, basically you have to focus on three essential aspects. He understands:

A) Client side application B) Restaurant dashboard VS) admin panel

A) Develop a Eye-catching Client side application

The main task that you need to undertake is to develop a remarkable customer page or a platform from which the user can place their order online. This page can be characterized in various subcategories.

redevelop the Connection Page

The login page is the start page for On-demand Development of food delivery applications. The user can use the app after entering a small number of imperative details such as name, cell phone number, email id, username and password. This facilitates customer follow-up and enables personalized services. Other custom features include names of favorite kitchens, favorite restaurants, and more.

Along with easy connection, you should also provide a space where customers can complete the online payment process.

Develop a Search menu

The developer of the mobile application must create a list of restaurant menus for a particular restaurant. The names of the kitchens, as well as their precise images and prices must be added.

The menu can be categorized into different sections such as Mexican, Indian or Chinese. In addition, it can also contain reviews and ratings of the specific dish.

The easy-to-use or searchable features will help customers not to scroll through the full menu to find their favorite foods, saving them a lot of time.

Personalized food items Option

As a restaurateur, you know exactly what most people who order from an on-demand food ordering app do because they want to try a variety of cuisine. So if you are stylish enough to add a key element in the form of custom food or individual order, that would be a great asset going forward.

Aaccumulation of the order in the shopping cart

Once you have chosen the items, you can go one step further and manage the cashier by increasing or decreasing the items just by pressing plus and minus.

You can complete the checkout process and apply your discount coupons / promo codes to get a refund. Also, this is an amazing feature to add that allows the customer to know real time food delivery time and updates.

Development of an on-demand food delivery application similar to UberEATS

Selection the payment method

As a mobile app developer, you will need to offer the customer some of the payment options such as PayPal. Other options may include debit or credit card payments, online banking, Apple or Google Wallet, or the choice of cash on delivery (COD).

Tracking your order

GPS technology can help you track the order from the time of payment to delivery to the customer. It will also help the carrier find the precise location of the user.

Notice and Assessments

Reviews and ratings are another key feature that needs to be added to the dashboard. Today, customers inevitably go through reviews and ratings before placing an order for restaurants and dishes.

Customer service

It is crucial for the mobile app to provide all kinds of support, whether it’s tech support or related to restaurants or food. You can also choose the chat option for help.

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B) Restaurant Dashboard for an on-demand food delivery app

After the customer page, the developer of the mobile app should focus on creating a useful restaurant dashboard for the business owner.

Login process

The owner can log in from his account even using his smartphone. He can manage the restaurant directly or indirectly, and you can refine the orders as well.

Management of the Menu

It is extremely important for restaurateurs to properly oversee their menu or catalog. The owner should display the kitchens specifically with the full range of choices to choose from, including descriptions and accurate pictures of the items.

Manager and follow-up Orders

History of past orders should be kept from a mix of customers and restaurants. You often need to confirm orders and verify related information. The user’s destination and the details of the delivery person were also captured and communicated.

Followed Customer reviews

The restaurant owner basically needs to check customer ratings and reviews to know what type of restaurants are doing well and which kitchens are getting good marks in comparison.

Push notifications

This is valuable information so that the user knows the arrival time of the order and if he has opted for the COD option, it must be paid for everything with money.

C) Administration panel

This is the last part of the online food delivery app, but essential, that the developer of the mobile app should be focusing on.

Administrator login

It is a podium through which the administrator organizes all the tasks and operations of the food delivery managing the restaurant and the messengers.

Control the restaurants

The admin has the power to add a restaurant, remove any restaurant, or ask about reviews and ratings.

Handling The application

Admin can add, delete, edit or block restaurant, user or delivery driver information from database and manage mobile app.

Payment Management

Application developers must provide the administrator with a module that allows them to verify and track the payments for the order.

Discounts and coupons

Admin can send the discount offers and coupons to users and has the right to extend its duration or even eliminate it.

Technical assistance

Admin will send messages about any upgrades or issues in the app to all stakeholders.

Application implementation

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If you are on iOS you can use Core Location Framework and if on Android you can use Google based API. Likewise, if you want to identify the precise direction and location, you can install MapKit for Apple devices and use Google Maps API for Android.

Other tools can be integrated into the app which includes the Foursquare API to add new restaurants to the list. Connection can be made through social media pages.


These are the most important features of the on-demand application like food delivery which can increase traffic to your app.

Cost estimate at To build an On-demand food delivery application

It varies depending on the time of day and geography. For example, in the United States, a customer typically has to pay between $ 120 and $ 250, while in European countries it goes from $ 60 to $ 130. However, if you go to an Indian iOS or Android application development company, the work becomes affordable at around $ 20 to $ 45.

The highly customized version of the app would be expensive, so it would be highly recommended to check the quote from the Better Mobile Application development company in India to get quality work at a low price.

Wrap the discussion

You know that online food delivery apps like Swiggy, Food panda, and UberEATS have now built their brand and reputation. And if you want to do the same, your top priority is to get the on-demand food delivery app developed by a reliable technology partner.

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