Daylight saving time triggered some pixels, but there is a fix

Daylight saving time triggered some pixels, but there is a fix

Google pixels reportedly have issues with Daylight Saving Time (DST), reports indicate. This is after several phone users from the Pixel 4XL to the Pixel 5 pointed out the issue on Reddit. But, luckily, there is also a fairly easy solution to find. At least according to some users.

How did Google Pixels have a problem with daylight saving time?

Now the problem here is quite simple, but it appears in different ways. For example, some users note that their smartphone clocks have indeed set to the correct time – for example, from 1:59 am to 3:00 am, but then returned at the wrong time a little later.

Other users said their phone never showed the right time. Or that the wrong time has been displayed but the dedicated Clock app has shown the correct time.

Specifically, the time issues appear to be related to users who configured their phone to extract the correct time and date from “network provided time and network provided time zone.”

And, since it’s the default setting – tucked deep in the Settings app under “System” then “Date & Time” – it affects a significant number of users.

Here is the fix

For those who notice the problem, however, all is not lost. In fact, no contact with Google should even be necessary and the problem will resolve itself, unlike Some others. This is for users who don’t just leave their phone on all the time, constantly using it to charge them. And that is, in turn, because the fix seems like a simple reboot. Reddit users across the board note that this will set the correct time and date.

So this bug won’t even require a update to fix. Or at least not at the moment. However, we hope Google fixes the problem by the next change.

To restart a Pixel phone, users need to long press the physical power key on the side of the handset. Then, in the resulting menu, a click on “Restart” will start the process.

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