Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger is about to get smarter

Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger is about to get smarter

Dark mode on Facebook Messenger app is about to become more intelligent. Facebook is finally planning to allow the theme to adjust according to your system settings. In other words, if your phone is set to ‘dark mode’, so will Facebook Messenger.

Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger is about to get smarter with new feature

It’s a feature that’s been a part of a lot of apps these days, and it’s interesting that it took Facebook so long to come up with it. Dark Mode has been part of the Facebook Messenger app since 2019.

The company started rolling out dark mode on its messaging app in April 2019, after testing it for several months. That being said, this new feature could be coming to the app in the near future, some people are already doing it it seems.

A user on reddit received the feature, but only on one of their accounts. He received it in app version 314. Other users have tried to locate it in this version of the app, and even in newer versions (beta versions), but were unable to do so. You can check out the feature in the screenshot below.

Facebook Messenger Auto Dark Mode

It looks like Facebook is currently testing this feature.

At first glance, Facebook is testing the new feature and only rolling it out to certain people / devices. It’s apparently activated through a server-side switch, which isn’t surprising.

Still, given that it’s in testing right now, that likely means we’ll all get it soon. It’s not a huge change / feature, so it shouldn’t take long for Facebook to test it.

If you are among the people who are annoyed, they have to turn on dark mode manually, well, you will be happy once this feature is available. If you constantly use only one mode, in all your apps, chances are you won’t mind. Only people who change their theme settings often will find this useful.

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