Crash Bandicoot On The Run hits mobile devices around the world this month

King Interactive, creator of Candy Crush and now owned by Activision, have officially confirmed that Crash Bandicoot On The Run will make its world debut on mobile devices this month.

The game has been in soft launch in some parts of the world before. Give a few lucky players the chance to find out before its global release. Crash Bandicoot On The Run will be the franchise’s first official game to hit mobile devices.

It’s an endless runner, so expect familiar gameplay if you’ve already chosen Temple Run 2. Or one of the hundreds (probably thousands) of options in the endless runner genre that exist on Android. and iOS these days.

Crash Bandicoot On The Run Comes To Mobile Devices March 25

While the game won’t launch for a few weeks, you can already pre-register on Android if you wish. This would help you receive alerts about the game’s release as soon as it goes live on the Play Store.

And usually pre-registering ends up rewarding you with in-game items or currency. Or something that can be used in-game. So if that sounds like fun, pre-registration is always a good idea because you are likely to get additional freebies.

To celebrate the official announcement of the game’s launch, King has also released a new trailer for the game on YouTube. Which you can see in full below.

Free fun with an iconic fan favorite character

It’s not exactly Crash Bandicoot 4. And nobody expects people to see it that way. But Crash Bandicoot On The Run is still a pretty fun game if you want something to pass the time.

Since this is an endless runner, it is great for casual games on the go, even in small pieces. Or if you really feel like it, you can devote a few hours to it. In the game, you’ll have the option to play as Crash from the start, but eventually you’ll unlock other characters in the series as well.

You also have the opportunity to fight bosses. And there is even a multiplayer mode to play with friends if they participate. Since the game is free, there will be micro-transactions as this is the game’s monetization model. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. As long as they’re not hard and you don’t have to spend real money to get past a certain point.

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