Cortana says goodbye to smartphones as Microsoft shuts her down

Android Authority reports that Microsoft shut down Cortana today, March 31, for Android and iOS. So for anyone who wanted to spice up their virtual assistant, now it’s up to Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but today is Cortana’s official death on mobile.

Cortana for iOS and Android has only been around since November 2018, which isn’t that long at all. For anyone who uses Cortana on a daily basis to stay organized, your reminders and lists no longer work.

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re using Cortana on Windows or the To-Do app on Android and iOS to get this information.

Microsoft gave a warning in July of 2020 that Cortana would be shut down in the future. This news is therefore not surprising. However, Cortana is not completely dead. She will get a new job helping users with Microsoft 365 services.

Harmon Kardon is also removing Cortana from its Invoke smart speaker. Poor Cortana retreats from multiple platforms. That removal began earlier this year in March, paving the way for a complete abandonment of the mobile world.

Losing Cortana may sting Microsoft’s loyalists a bit more than others. Users who just want an alternative to their built-in voice assistant just lose an option. Those who have actively used Cortana, however, have the option of migrating their data elsewhere.

Microsoft closed Cortana today. Now there is one less option.

Cortana’s shutdown is hardly surprising. Microsoft’s virtual assistant is a great companion for Master Chief, but he’s never had a chance against Siri or Google Assistant. Siri is only on iOS or macOS and is the default option. Users can download Google Assistant but cannot replace Siri by default.

Google Assistant can be turned off, but it’s so good that no one really needs to choose a different default. Alexa is the only voice assistant to take on the challenge of Siri and Google Assistant. Alexa is suitable for anyone who enjoys Amazon Fire tablets or has a number of Echo devices in the house alongside smart home technology that supports Alexa.

Microsoft integrates Alexa into Windows 10 through a partnership with Amazon. Still, it’s sad to see Cortana leave. All that aside, users at least have other options to turn to.

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