Complicated new Play Store overhaul rolls out at scale

Complicated new Play Store overhaul rolls out at scale

For better or worse, the latest Play Store overhaul is now widely rolled out. No we are not talking about redesign of navigation and settings introduced in April. But the revamped “My apps and games” section which unnecessarily complicates things.

This change first appeared for some users last year before disappearing shortly thereafter. However, in the past two months it has started to resurface again. Now according to a new Android Police report, the updated layout rolls out widely.

While we haven’t noticed this change on any of our devices yet, it has been seen for some AP staff. The post detailed how this new “complicated” “My apps and games” section works on the Google Play Store.

Latest Play Store Overhaul Complicates Things Needlessly

First, the updated layout removes the “My Apps & Games” menu that appears under the account switcher when you tap your profile avatar in the top right corner. It has been replaced by a new “Manage apps and devices” menu. But the interface inside that menu is where things have changed dramatically. the Updates, Installed, Library and Share the tabs are all gone. Instead, you will only have two tabs – Overview and Manage.

the Overview The tab, which appears first, shows Play Protect stats, storage space used, options for sharing apps, and your ratings and reviews. In addition, it also hides the old Updates section with small menu entries for “Update all” and “View details”. If all your applications are updated, a new button “See recent updates” appears which takes you to the Manage tongue.

Here, you’ll see a detailed list of installed apps and games, with information about the last apps update and how much storage space they take up. You can also check if any app updates are available from this tab.

From its appearance, Google was probably trying to streamline things a bit but like they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The redesigned menu unnecessarily complicates matters. Maybe Google intentionally made this change to force people to dig deeper to read changelogs, if any, for app updates. Last year, the company removed notifications for completed automatic updates, forcing users to open the Play Store if they want to see the changelog. The latest overhaul now further hides this information.

Nonetheless, whether you like this change or not, it is coming to you. The change appears to be taking place on a server-side update and is expected to hit more users in the coming days.

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