Compete is a social media platform that allows you to win cash prizes by participating in challenges

Social media has been described as a big game, where everyone competes with everyone else for likes, reposts and followers.

But if the existing social media platforms are a game, the only winners are the platforms themselves. How much did you earn for that Tweet that exploded or that TikTok video that exploded? Exactly. Someone got paid, but it wasn’t you.

Compete, from Competitive Media Technologies, aims to shake up the world of social media by enabling its users to benefit financially from their efforts.

Here is how it works. Compete contains a number of categories including Move !, Change, Beauty, and Dance. In each of them, there are challenges posed by real-life influencers, like copying a dance move, sharing a motivational speech, applying a radical makeover, and more.

Users then create and upload their entries for fellow Compete users to vote on, with each challenge providing cash prizes for Rising Star, first and second place in the popular vote, and the most creative video.

Compete comes with its own comprehensive music library and an intuitive video effects suite, so creating stylish and engaging content is a snap.

Best of all, there is something for those of us who don’t yet feel confident enough to record our own videos, with an award going to the top judge of each challenge.

You can share videos on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms, and if you’re successful enough as a content creator on Compete, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to take on your own challenges.

It’s an innovative new model and a welcome touch on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. But the best thing about Compete is how positive the experience is.

The challenges are created by real influencers and famous users, and they are about speaking out and encouraging others. Competition is highly moderate, with zero tolerance for inappropriate content or behavior of any kind.

To get started, download Compete for free now from the App store and the Google play store.

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