Communication on PlayStation increases with Discord partnership

Communication on PlayStation increases with Discord partnership

Sony has just announced a new partnership with Discord for its PlayStation platform. Today a official post from PlayStation President Jim Ryan presents details of the partnership.

For PlayStation users, this is a pretty big development. Over the past few years, Discord has dominated the PC and mobile gaming communication market. Provide users with an efficient and feature-rich way to chat and chat with friends, clan members and other community members on unlimited number of topics.

And now Discord is coming to PlayStation consoles. Which is sure to give Sony an edge over Microsoft when it comes to the communication platform offered to gamers. It also comes after months of speculation that Microsoft is potentially interested in acquiring Discord.

While this is a big deal for everyone involved, it doesn’t mean you’ll see Discord on your PS4 or PS5 soon. In fact, any sort of integration is by no means imminent.

Discord is coming to PlayStation in 2022

If you were hoping to boot up your PlayStation and enjoy the benefits of Discord right from the console, you’ll have to wait a bit. Now that the partnership has been announced, good things are sure to happen.

But gamers shouldn’t expect to see the arrival of Discord until 2022. In the announcement, Ryan says the plan is to get things ready early next year. Of course, things can always change. Sony could finish ahead of schedule and push things ahead of schedule. But it is also possible that things will be pushed back.

So, for now, an early 2022 version of the Discord integration is the best gamers can hope for.

Sony and Discord are already working hard to connect social media

Right now, if you are a PS4 and / or PS5 user and love Discord, you are probably dreaming of all the possible features you could use on the console.

While this information is available on time, no final details on functionality or usability have been made public. Ryan says teams from both companies are already working hard to connect social and gaming experiences on PlayStation. But it does not highlight any functionality and does not discuss the duration of the work.

The goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on consoles and mobiles. So people can hang out and chat while enjoying the games. At the very least, the integration will allow users to connect Discord accounts to their consoles so they can interact with text and voice chat channels on all of their servers.

But it’s unclear whether the PlayStation integration will include some of the newer features of the PC and mobile apps. Either way, PlayStation users are getting a major communication upgrade.

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