Clubhouse for Android teased, could launch in May

Clubhouse for Android teased, could launch in May

Audio-centric social network Clubhouse is approaching its debut on Android. Android developer of the hugely popular audio chat app Mopewa Ogundipe posted a teaser on Twitter that shows the app working on Android, especially on a Google Pixel smartphone.

Additionally, researcher Morgan Evetts has suggested that Clubhouse could launch on Android as early as May 2021, or next month. Co-founder Paul Davison had last month confirmed that the company is working on integrating the application on Google’s mobile platform in “a few months”. The last demand therefore goes in this direction. There is still no planned release date, but it is sure to come.

Clubhouse may have started internal testing of the Android app

Clubhouse has been exclusive to iOS since its launch in March of last year. The app is still limited to an invitation-only membership system. However, its concept of audio-based social conversations proved to be revolutionary, making it a huge success. It recently reported 10 million weekly active users, despite being in private beta. General availability could further strengthen its adoption worldwide.

Its arrival on Android is perhaps more critical for its growth. The company has reiterated the importance of supporting the Android user base on several occasions, although there hasn’t been significant progress in this regard so far. But it looks like Clubhouse has now started internally trial the application for Android. We could see it hit the Google Play Store as early as next month.

The company certainly can’t delay the launch of Android any further. Rival companies like Facebook and Twitter, which already have a huge user base and well-designed Android, iOS, and web apps, are working on introducing similar audio-focused chat features to their platforms.

Twitter spaces even beat Clubhouse at the launch of Android. Facebook, on the other hand, recently launched a Clubhouse-inspired live Q&A app called Hotline. The social media giant also has a running Clubhouse competitor within its existing Messenger Rooms video chat platform. Companies like Discord, LinkedIn and Slack are also reportedly working on similar services.

All of these developments mean Clubhouse can’t have fun. He is in talks to raise funds from investors, at an estimate of about $ 4 billion. The company is also trying to innovate to stay on top of this race for domination of social audio. He recently added an in-app monetization tool in an attempt to keep creators on his platform. Hopefully now we’ll see Clubhouse come to Android sooner rather than later.

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