Clubhouse begins testing the ‘raw’ Android beta app

Clubhouse begins testing the ‘raw’ Android beta app

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  • Clubhouse has started testing a “raw” beta version of its Android app.
  • The team has hinted at a wider launch in the coming weeks.

Audio chat application Flag has been making waves over the past few months, but one of the service’s biggest drawbacks is that it’s an iOS-only app. The Clubhouse team has already confirmed that an Android version is in the works, but now it looks like a beta is on its way as well.

The Clubhouse team confirmed in a blog post (h / t: The next web) that they launched a “raw” beta for Android, although they pointed out that a full-scale app launch is not yet underway. So when should we expect a real release for all, then?

“We look forward to welcoming more Android users to the Clubhouse over the next few weeks,” the team said in the blog, suggesting that we may indeed see it this month or early next month. . A launch in May would, however, be in line with previous reports.

The big question is whether Clubhouse will be able to gain as much traction as launching with Android and iOS apps right off the bat. Since Clubhouse’s inception, many services have jumped on the audio chat bandwagon, such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Telegram. Android users waiting for an official port therefore have no shortage of alternatives.

This is a lesson the developers of Snapchat had to learn the hard way, as they neglected Android users, only for competing services to copy features and for growth to slow down. Fortunately, Snapchat has returned to the drawing board and its recent growth has been assigned to the Android focus.

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