Classic Hangouts lose Google Voice and Fi integration before looming shutdown

Google put another nail in the coffin of Classic Hangouts. The company has been working for a long time to phase out the once popular communication app and replace it with modern substitutes. As part of this transition, the classic version of Hangouts has now lost its integration with Google Voice and Google Fi.

“Google stopped integrating Google Voice and Google Fi with the classic version of Hangouts in early 2021. Switch to Google Voice from the classic version of Hangouts for your calls and messages.” The company now welcomes users with this banner in its official Google Voice support document (Going through 9to5Google).

A similar notice can also be found at the top of Google’s official Google Fi support document. “Hangouts no longer works for SMS / MMS, voice calls or voicemail with Google Fi”, the notice bed.

Originally, Google was supposed to remove text messaging and calling features from classic Hangouts users for Fi in January itself, January 19, to be precise. However, he delayed this stop until March to give MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) subscribers more time to switch to Google Messages.

Of course, you can also migrate to another email service. In fact, your phone’s default SMS app will automatically receive new text messages if you don’t migrate to any other app. However, switching to Messages will allow you to seamlessly forward your Hangouts conversations. Users can retrieve their conversations from Hangouts and forward them to Messages until September 30, 2021.

Google has stopped integrating Google Voice and Google Fi with classic Hangouts

Google initially integrated Voice and Hangouts so that users could be notified of incoming voice calls on the Hangouts mobile app or Gmail on the web. However, since the company is now ready to let classic Hangouts sit, it dissolves the two services again, encouraging people to return to the dedicated Voice app.

You can use the Android, iOS, or Web Voice apps for calls, texts, and voicemail messages. Your phone number will be transferred, and your existing conversations from Hangouts will automatically show on Voice as well. Google says you can export your classic Hangouts data until July 2021.

If you had previously purchased credits for international calls on Hangouts, Google also offers a refund of the remaining balance. The credits can be used in the VoIP service for Voice users. You can also opt for a refund back to the original payment method.

With the removal of Voice and Fi integration, the classic version of Hangouts is now only available for individual and group chats. It’s only a matter of time before Google puts the final nail in the coffin.

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