Can’t get a PS5 but maybe you can snag these PS5 sneakers

Can’t get a PS5 but maybe you can snag these PS5 sneakers

The PS5 is still notoriously hard to find, but maybe you’ll have better luck with these sneakers. Exactly a month ago after this article was written, on March 28, images of the upcoming PS5 sneakers surfaced on Instagram thanks to Laceuphk.

This is the 5th pair of iconic video game console themed shoes from Sony. With each generation of the PlayStation getting its own version. Much like the previous four iterations, the shoes will be made by Nike. These are officially called PS5 x Nike PG5. They feature a number of different elements intended to mimic the design of the PS5 console.

Just like the other Playstation the sneakers have been with their respective console counterparts, the PS5 x Nike PG5 are themed with the color scheme of the PS5. The sneakers are expected to go on sale in May and while they won’t be very expensive at retail, they can still be hard to come by. Which could lead to high prices later thanks to resellers.

PS5 sneakers go on sale in May

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be an exact release date. But Sneaker files found out that the shoes will go on sale in May. Both pairs will retail for $ 110 each, which is roughly what you would expect from a pair of limited edition Nikes.

They should be available for sale on the Nike website and at some local retailers. Although no retailer was specifically mentioned. Due to the nature of their limitation, you’ll want to keep a close eye on their release if you’re looking to get a pair. Or a pair of each color.

They also come in white

Just like the other colorway, the white model of the PS5 x Nike PG5 wears the same style. But instead of being wrapped in blue, they’re mostly white. Except for the tongue and the insoles which are black. On the blue model, the tongue and insoles are white and both pairs feature a blue PlayStation logo on the tongue. They also both feature blue soles on the bottom of the shoe.

Whether you are looking to keep them for your collection or wear them every now and then, there is no doubt that these are a must have item for PlayStation fans. If you can swing by paying $ 110 for a pair of these, be on the lookout for the drop. The month of May is fast approaching. And there is a chance that they could be launched early in the month.

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