Buy Lenovo Gaming PC and Get Free Stadia Pro Membership

Lenovo has partnered with Google to offer free Stadiums Pro membership for anyone who purchases a Legion gaming PC. If that sounds like a good deal to you and you’re already considering a new gaming PC, you might want to consider something from Lenovo’s Legion line.

That said, the offer also includes IdeaPad PCs. It should be borne in mind, however, that this is probably not all PCs in these two alignments. The offer is listed as only compatible with certain Lenovo Legion and Lenovo IdeaPad computers. And that means you will have to check if the ones you are watching are part of the offer.

Unfortunately, Lenovo doesn’t appear to have this detail in the ad. So maybe this is something that consumers should ask when shopping.

Lenovo Stadia Pro offering starts rolling out this month

Lenovo says the offer starts rolling out this month, so it’s not quite available just yet. The most important detail concerns the PCs you buy.

While this only includes Legion and IdeaPad PCs, it can be a desktop or a laptop. So you have leeway there. However, Lenovo mentions that they must be manufactured after April 5, 2021.

Which suggests that the laptop or desktop computer you buy will have to come from new stock arriving in stores on or around this date. If you are buying on older stocks, for example from last December, these machines are probably not eligible for the offer.

In addition to that, you must live in one of the supported regions. These include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a handful of other countries in Europe.

Consider what Pro games are on offer

Since the offering will start in the next few weeks, it will likely last for a while. The duration is unclear, but there is a good chance it will be more than a few weeks.

That said, you might want to review the Stadia Pro games that are offered for free before you buy. Since these rotate monthly and your free trial will include 90 days of Pro without having to pay for it, you might want to save the bid when better games are available.

Or maybe more precisely, the games that interest you more. If you’re not interested in the current crop of free games in March, you might want to wait for the free games in April or May before claiming your free membership.

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