Bruins’ Bruce Cassidy Calls Islanders “New York Saints” Due to Lack of Penalty Appeals

Bruins’ Bruce Cassidy Calls Islanders “New York Saints” Due to Lack of Penalty Appeals

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy is not happy with the number of penalties his team has received in the Islanders series.

Following the Bruins’ 5-4 loss to New York on Monday, Cassidy told her post-game press conference that her counterparts sold a narrative that they looked “more like the New York Saints, not the New York Islanders. “, according to a video shared by NBC Boston.

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“They play hard and they play the right way, but I feel like we’re the same way and the calls, the exact calls that are called to us are not and I don’t know why. Really good officials. They’re at this point in the season for a reason, “Cassidy said.” They’re playing hard. A tough hockey brand. I love the way they play. But they commit as many offenses as we do, believe me. So just call them. “

Cassidy told the conference that several high sticking penalties have been issued against the Bruins, and at a significantly higher rate than the Islanders.

Asked about Cassidy’s comment, Islanders coach Barry Trotz replied, “You’ll have to ask him about that. Look at where we’ve ended up over the year, we’ve been the least penalized team in all. year so I don’t know what it is about “(according to New York Post reporter Mollie Walker).

Is Cassidy right? Well, on Monday the Islanders were called for two penalties to Boston’s four. The Bruins have been flagged for fewer penalties only once in the series: in Game 4, an Islanders win 4-1. In total, Boston was called for 19 penalties compared to 15 for New York.

But the disparity in penalties shouldn’t be surprising, given how both teams have played during the regular season. The Trotz Islanders were called up for just 136 penalties – 130 minors and six majors – during the regular season, the least in the league. Boston was called for 209 – 194 minors and 15 adults. That’s good for the second-highest number in the NHL, behind only the Lightning 214.

The Bruins lost two straight games to the Islanders to fall 3-2 in the series. They will travel to New York on Wednesday for a potentially decisive Game 6. If Cassidy’s team wins, Game 7 will return to Boston on Friday.

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