Bruce Arians: Tom Brady could play a different role than usual at the Buccaneers minicamp

Bruce Arians: Tom Brady could play a different role than usual at the Buccaneers minicamp

The mandatory minicamp is fast approaching for the Buccaneers and with it will come a key decision for Bruce Arians: How much work is he willing to let Tom Brady do?

The 43-year-old veteran is recovering from knee surgery during the offseason. While Brady, an ultimate contender, will surely want to get reps with his teammates at the minicamp, the Arians may not let him do much.

“I don’t know how much I’m going to let him do … with guys chasing him,” Arians said, by Jenna Laine from ESPN. “We’ll see. We’ll see what the doctors say. He maybe does a lot of coaching.”

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It may frustrate Brady, but taking on a coaching role could be a good thing for him. The veteran quarterback already has 21 years of NFL experience and there is no need for him to rush after knee surgery early in the offseason.

The Brady Bucs were lively last year, and Brady has plenty of time to have representatives on the pitch. The longer he waits to do it, the healthier his knee will be. That’s why the Arians will be careful with him in the mini-camp.

While the Arians may limit Brady, the Bucs passer has been doing his own workouts in recent weeks. Some of his teammates followed and last week they trained at the Bucs premises.

“Obviously it was a really good workout,” Arians said. “I wasn’t there but from all I’ve heard it was a really good training. He’s not in town right now, but I hope some of these guys who have been with him would come here tomorrow. We’ll see. “

Some of the offensive players who have chosen to work with Brady include Tyler Johnson and Ke’Shawn Vaughn, but both are expected to return to Camp Tampa Bay in the coming days.

If Brady is limited during the minicamp, that will open the door for veterans Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin to get more reps with second-round pick Kyle Trask. It will be a good opportunity for Tampa Bay to assess what his quarterback room might look like when Brady finally retires.

And getting these three players to learn from Brady on the sideline would surely benefit them and help them level up the QB’s save spot.

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