Blueface hits Ring Invader after Bare Kunckle Fighting exhibit

Blueface easily won their exhibition bout – and an unauthorized second bout – on Friday night in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

The rapper easily beat artist TikTok Neumane, aka Kane Trujillo, by decision. He looked semi-competent doing it too. But then he found himself using his fists again after the fight.

An unauthorized person approached Blueface in the ring and appeared to anger him. Blueface had two rights because the intruder was held back by security.

People rushed into the ring to be peacemakers or to get rid of the intruder.

The Real Fight, another exhibition between artists, was not much to write about. First of all, the fighters wore gloves, which. . . it’s the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Fully engage the bit. Second, just look at the size difference.

No, the really interesting thing was these three gems hidden in the post-brawl:

1. The invader carried a phone into the ring.

Do it for the brand / clicks?

2. Blueface didn’t even say, “Hold my drink. “

He just changed hands as he continued to grab a can (which is now a can of whoop-ass, regardless of the actual liquid) that was handed to him in the ring.

3. Someone has serious jumps

See how the person on the right in the image below jumps the ropes to enter the ring.

Ah, sweet science.

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