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*** Basketball Stats PRO for iPad – Best Field Stats App for iPad ***

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NOTE: The app is designed to track only one team statistic during the game and not both teams!

We’ve all seen assistant coaches around the world using sheets of paper and jotting down their team’s match stats sitting next to the coach. The same assistant coaches then had to spend an hour or more compiling this scribbled data into a Box Score that they could analyze in more detail. The Basketball Stats PRO app for iPad removes both the paper and the grueling process of compiling stats and provides an easy-to-use stats tracker, which allows coaches, assistant coaches, scouts, parents or fans to basketball to track their team’s stats directly from their iPad.

All statistics entered are instantly compiled to display your team’s current statistics, this will allow the coaching staff to have all statistics updated and ready at any time during or after the match. Entering stats is a very straightforward process, as you have buttons that represent each player on the roster and all of the stats categories. You just tap on a player and the stat and it will automatically be added to the game. For two and three point shots (hit or miss), you also tap the area of ​​the court where the shot was taken. You can view the full box score with just one click and email it to anyone in the world.

All entered statistics are written to a local database, so you can view statistics for a given player not only for one game, but for all games the player has been involved in. The player statistics view will show the scores for each game as well as the total and average statistics compiled. You can even see player shot stats based on where they were taken (inside the paint, halfway, 3 point from the corner, and other 3 points). You will quickly find that this statistics app can really help you with efficient statistics entry and analysis after the game.

The app also includes Sketch Board, where you can draw your pieces using 4 different colors and pens, and best of all, you can save all sketches and view them later or email them.

Application features:

** Unlimited number of players and games
** Simple and intuitive way to enter statistics into the app
** Statistics and scores compiled ready after each new statistics entry
** Play by Play view, with edit and email options
** Box Score with e-mail sending capabilities
** Sketch Board – with edit, save and email options
** Detailed statistics compiled for all players and games they played
** Email games to others or to nearby iPads with multi-point connectivity

Let Basketball stats PRO take your stats to the next level!

You can have up to 15 selected / active players for each game (the number of players entered is unlimited)

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