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For many people, the word “slide show” is still associated with Microsoft PowerPoint. However, this app is now a thing of the past, and we have a much wider choice of apps that can help us create beautiful slideshow memories, as well as super powerful presentations for our business. Whatever your reason, we’ve handpicked the best slideshow apps for Android and iOS that would help you bring your slideshow vision to life.

It would have been great if we could say that they are all free, but the truth is that in order to access the juiciest features you have to go for the paid versions. Either way, the free versions can give you the full picture of what you can put into perspective, so they’re definitely worth a try.

How to choose the best slideshow app?

The criteria for selecting the best slideshow app are different and mainly depend on the user’s needs and goals. In case the animated videos will be used for posting on social media, you must pay attention to the formats of the slideshow offered in the application. For Instagram, the square format is preferable. The ability to share the slideshow on social media pages right from the app can also be of great importance to bloggers.

If your goal is to organize your personal photo library into a slideshow, you might be more interested in a quality high-resolution animated video. In such a case, look for apps that offer 4K slideshows and the in-app photo / video editing tools. Another thing to pay attention to is background music, as the presence and size of a free audio library are the two things that can limit or widen your choice.

Finally, when choosing the application, you must take into account their compatibility with your PC, Mac or mobile devices (whether they are iOS or Android). If you are looking for apps intended for mobile use only, this item might also give you some useful ideas.

Now let’s move on to what we have collected for you. Here are the five best slideshow apps to give you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.

PicPlayPost. Popular app for mobile users

PicPlayPost is the choice of over 15 million users who have already downloaded this app on their smartphones. The application allows editing videos, creating collages and slideshows with the ability to export them directly to your social media pages. It is compatible with gadgets managed by iOS and Android. The maximum duration of slideshows made with this application is 30 minutes. The program supports multimedia formats such as videos, live and regular photos, GIF. PicPlayPost offers a wide selection of features. Here are some of them:

  • Addition of voiceover;
  • Support 4K HD video;
  • Adding many songs as the background of your slideshow;
  • Multiple reports;
  • The ability to create and add to slideshows 9 photo and video frame collages;
  • Animated text with customizable fonts and colors;
  • Customizable gifs exported from Giphy;
  • Full range of transitions;
  • Automated slideshow maker.

MoShow – Slideshow Creator

Do you want your social media to be catchy and vibrant? MoShow is the best app for people pursuing such goals. This slideshow maker is very popular among Instagram users. It offers a wide selection of free templates in a user-friendly interface. The maximum duration of a slideshow depends on whether it is run in square or vertical format (these are the only two available for free). In the first case, you have 30 seconds, while the vertical format only gives you a slideshow of 11 seconds. The schedule is changed once you get the paid subscription plan. The latest innovations presented to users of the app include:

  • Instant preview of slideshows;
  • Mixed transitions function;
  • Cinematic Glitch;
  • Mixture of text;
  • Great looping videos;
  • Processing on the device.

Icecream slideshow maker

One of the best free slideshow apps for Windows is Icecream slideshow maker. The app’s intuitive interface is suitable for those far from being called tech-savvy. While it doesn’t offer the option to add video files to slideshows, it has a lot of other things to convince you that it is definitely worth your attention. Icecream Slideshow Maker allows you to do the following things:

  • Creation of slideshows in 4K resolution;
  • Adjustment of the duration and the transition of each photo;
  • Adding background music in MP3, MP4 and other format;
  • Size customization. color, font and position of text in a slideshow;
  • Preview animated videos;
  • Share your slideshow to cloud storage, YouTube, etc.

PixGram slideshow app

PixGram is an easy to use application compatible with iOS and Android. It allows you to create slideshows in just three steps, which makes it perfect for beginners. One of the advantages of this app is also the photo editing feature built into the app with a huge collection of filters and effects. Other features that make PixGram stand out are:

  • A huge audio library integrated into the application, which allows you to add all kinds of music to your presentations;
  • Mix of photos + video;
  • Instant sharing of slideshows to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Integration with FB and Instagram albums.

SlideLab for Instagram bloggers

SlideLab is a perfect slideshow app for Insta bloggers as it exclusively supports square format. Only users of Apple products are able to use this application on their smartphones and tablets. This app is paid, although it also offers a free trial version. The main advantages of getting this app on your iPhone or iPad are:

  • Built-in video editing filters to make your slideshows brighter;
  • A wide choice of animations and transitions;
  • The ability to rearrange photos after uploading them to the app;
  • Large collection of audio tracks to select the best background music;
  • Format edition available;
  • The ability to share slideshows on social networks directly from the application.


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Selecting the best slideshow app is not easy, as you may have already noticed. This seemingly simple task requires you to know exactly what you are looking for. So making a list of must have features is what you could possibly need. Hope this article has made it a little easier for you and you have found your perfect slideshow app.

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