Best Music Apps For Music Lovers

Best Music Apps For Music Lovers

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Containing 5,000 entries on composers, most of which include up-to-date working lists, the Oxford Dictionary of Music also provides entries on conductors, performers, directors, critics, producers and designers of internationally renowned writers and academics. Entries also cover musical terms and forms, individual works (such as operas and ballets), orchestras and companies from around the world, famous operas, concert halls and music festivals.

Included are musical terms, styles and forms ranging from opera, vocal and film music to song cycles, bedroom, hymns, barber shop and oratorios. General themes such as musicology, acoustics, absolute pitch and historical periods such as the Byzantine era are covered. A wide range of musical instruments are included – from familiar strings, wind and brass to the less familiar Aeolian harp, bamboula and sackbut.

• Learn in style with one of four new colorful themes – the colorful layout will turn your learning experience into an enjoyable routine. Personalize your dictionary and enjoy the happy atmosphere that your favorite color brings to you.
• Dive straight into the intricacies of the language – with a handy new homepage, a sleeker and more intuitive visual layout, and innovations in search speed – you can now get to the entry you want faster than never.
• Translate and learn by speaking with Talk & Translate – use this speech recognition and text-to-speech application by downloading it for free from the App Store. The great synergy between the two applications will help you optimize your studies.

SEARCH TOOLS – quickly find words with the functional, clean and easy to use interface. Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience, the dictionary combines several search tools to match or predict what you are looking for, including:
• Search AutoComplete helps you find words quickly by showing predictions as you type.
• Keyword Search allows you to search in compound words and phrases.
• Camera Search searches for words in the camera viewfinder and displays results in seconds.
• Voice search helps you find an entry using your voice.
• Automatic “fuzzy filter” which corrects the spelling of words and a “Wild card” which allows you to replace a letter or whole parts of a word by “*” or “?” when you don’t know how it’s spelled.

LEARNING TOOLS – engaging features that help you improve your vocabulary. Designed to give you the freedom to structure your studies, this dictionary combines several learning tools to help you be more organized:
• “Favorites” which allow you to create personalized folders with word lists.
• Recent list that helps you easily review search words.
• Scan to delete feature in Recent and Favorites menus.
• Word-of-the-day option to teach you a new word every day.

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