Best interactive books apps

Best interactive books apps

iClassics: beyond enthusiasm

iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone.

Charles Dickens is perhaps the most canonical of all writers in the Western literary tradition.

iClassics Productions has become famous for its artistic and technological enhancements to great literature, and our collection of immersive entertainment apps would sadly be incomplete if it did not include the works of Charles Dickens.

Enter the iDickens Collection, which includes some of the most famous ghost stories written by the master of Victorian literature, including A Madman’s Manuscript, The Ivy Green, and The Lawyer and the Ghost.

In this innovative immersive entertainment app, this masterful and fun and entertaining news is lovingly and artistically enhanced through interaction, illustration, animation, effects and OST.

Taking a modern look at these kid-friendly ghost stories, the result is a spectacular and totally original experience that uses all the features of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective, flash, vibration).

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Main Features:

* Available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
* An exceptional work of art by César Samaniego and a disturbing soundtrack by Miquel Tejada.
* The biography of Charles Dickens.

With the lovingly built enhancements iClassics Productions has become famous for, this creative immersive entertainment app makes Charles Dickens more readable and enjoyable than ever.

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About the iClassics collection:

The iClassics Collection is a revolutionary collection of book apps where you will discover literary classics such as Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens through a unique interactive and immersive experience.

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