Belmont Stakes payout breakdown: how much money will the winner receive in 2021?

Belmont Stakes payout breakdown: how much money will the winner receive in 2021?

The prices of the biggest competitions in the world of sports were reduced in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they are already rising in 2021.

Latest example: the Belmont Stakes 2021.

The race will return to the same bag as in 2019 before the pandemic, with the winner also expected to receive the same payment as the year Sir Winston placed first.

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Here’s a look at the purse and payout breakdown for the 2021 Belmont Stakes.

What is the Belmont Stakes scholarship in 2021?

As was the case with many races held in 2020, the Belmont Stakes purse has been reduced to $ 1 million, reducing the total prize amount by 33% from the previous season.

In 2021, it will rise to the same number as in 2019: $ 1.5 million.

How much money does the Belmont Stakes winner receive?

Following last year’s jackpot reduction, the scholarship in 2021 will see the winner of the Belmont Stakes receive a bigger prize this year.

The winner of the Belmont Stakes 2021 will win $ 800,000, the same amount as Sir Winston, the winner in 2019. This $ 800,000 prize represents 53.3% of the total prize.

Last year, Tiz the Law won just $ 535,000 for its first place finish.

Prize breakdown for the Belmont Stakes 2021

The $ 1.5 million scholarship will allow the first finalist to win a prize of $ 800,000. It has not yet been announced how much the other four finishers will receive at the end of the race.

In 2019, when the purse was $ 1.9 million, runner-up received $ 300,000, third place received $ 165,000, fourth place brought in $ 90,000, and fifth place earned $ 45,000.

In law Prize money
1st $ 800,000
2nd To be determined
3rd To be determined
4th To be determined
5th To be determined

Belmont Stakes cash prize compared to other Triple Crown races

The Belmont Stakes fall between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes in terms of total prize money awarded for 2021.

The Kentucky Derby had the biggest purse of the three horse races at $ 3 million – double the Belmont Stakes purse – while the Preakness Stakes sits at $ 1 million.

Race Dated Wallet (numbers 2021)
Kentucky Derby May 1, 2021 $ 3 million
Precariousness issues May 15, 2021 $ 1 million
Belmont issues June 5, 2021 $ 1.5 million

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