Augmented reality in advertising – Gateway to a new world

4. Create emotional bonds

Augmented reality ads are immersive, which means they help marketers make a certain emotional connection with customers. Unlike images or banners, for example, AR ads are interactive and lifelike: consumers can see them and even interact with them.

Imagine, for example, an eye-catching billboard advertising a recently released movie. Now think about the magic AR can do: Passers-by point their smartphone camera at the billboard and watch the trailer on their smartphone screen.

Which of these two strategies (a billboard or an AR ad) is likely to generate the most interest? No doubt most customers will opt for an AR ad.

When interacting with AR ads, consumers feel like they are playing an engaging video game. It creates an emotional bond with customers, encouraging them to make purchases.

Needless to say, an emotional connection is a great tool for increasing brand awareness. People remember brands they have positive associations with better, so AR ads are great not only for promoting sales, but also for building a company’s reputation.

This strategy was used in the Arctic Home campaign by Coca-Cola and the World Wide Fund. The campaign, which aimed to protect polar bears and their natural habitat, included an augmented reality event at the Science Museum in London.

Visitors could see themselves interacting with virtual animals in their natural environment. This event helped the Coca-Cola Company to create deep emotional bonds between people and the brand.

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Three main benefits of AR for B2B marketing

1. Dynamic sales presentation

Say goodbye to boring brochures, flyers and PowerPoint presentations. Instead of arming your salespeople with stagnant papers or darkroom presentations, give them an interactive experience. Their presentation strategy can change from story them about your brand and your products for showing their.

From brand familiarization to product introduction, augmented reality can bring it to life. Instead of showing a photo of your CEO, why not show it around the room and introduce yourself with a personalized video? Instead of putting your product in the hands of the potential customer, why not put it to them? For example, if you are trying to sell your brand of earrings to a store, they can “wear” them without trying them using virtual AR technology trial. The possibilities are limitless!

2. “Real Life” A look at the product lines

Whether you sell microchips or refrigerators, you can have your product line ready wherever you are. Customers can scroll through the products or feel like they are in a showroom. Best of all, they can zoom in and click to get more information and interact with the products. But remember, the products aren’t just tiny pictures on a screen; it’s a 3D interactive experience in the real space around you.

A phenomenal example of this action is the Samsung Life Unstoppable event, with web AR experiences developed and deployed by Aircards. The team created experiments to showcase Samsung’s latest product innovations. Take a look at the Web AR product showcase below.

3. Personalization options

Let’s say your product can be personalized for any brand. You can show them your product line with their logo and brand colors, without having to make samples. And, without losing the 3-D effect! Instead of showing them 2D custom mockups or real samples that might end up in the trash, show 3D virtual samples that move and react to the augmented reality you’ve created. This is what AR can bring to B2B marketing.


While a number of brands still cannot access AR, marketers can still take note of how these brands have creatively implemented new technology into their content marketing strategies.

Ultimately, as the media landscape changes and technology becomes more advanced, marketers at companies of different sizes might have more opportunities to implement the technology. And, when they do, they’ll need to think creatively and innovatively about how they’re investing in it.

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