ASUS will likely release a Tencent edition of the ROG Phone 5

It seems like ASUS will launch a Tencent version of ROG Phone 5, following on from last year’s decision to release a Tencent version of ROG Phone 3.

The company appears to have confirmed this phone release on the ROG Weibo Account. Stating that he will continue his partnership with Tencent in China for a special version of his next ROG Phone 5.

In addition to confirming a Tencent version of the next device, ASUS is also confirming the official name of the phone itself – the ROG Phone 5. Until now, the use of the number 5 for the name has only been speculation and rumor.

Tencent version of ROG Phone 5 will likely release in March

ASUS’s post doesn’t mention any exact date here, but it looks like March is mentioned in terms of the release month. So it won’t be long before the new ROG Phone is available to consumers. At least in China where the Tencent version will be launched.

A teaser image shared with the post shows the number 3, which likely points to next month as the arrival time for that phone.

With that in mind, the launch timing would be much sooner than the ROG Phone 3 released last year. Which only came out in July. So ASUS seems to be speeding things up here. A rumor from earlier this year suggested that the phone would be released worldwide in April.

And if this date is correct, it is possible that a potential Tencent model will be released before the global version. It wouldn’t be too different from the last two versions either. Both ROG Phone 3 and ROG Phone II were released in China and other parts of Asia before the US / Global model was released.

So the same could happen here.

The post refers to “six finger power”

The translation is obviously a bit offbeat here, but the post mentions a reference to “six-finger power”. Which could very well refer to additional buttons somewhere on the device.

It could just be ASUS nodding to gamers who use more than two fingers for touchscreen controls in games. But it could also refer to major overhead triggers, as well as two additional buttons that weren’t available on older ROG Phone devices.

If ASUS does launch the Tencent model of the ROG Phone next month, the company will likely announce the phone before that. At this point, he can explain what the Six Finger Power Declaration means.

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