Arm Speed ​​Analyzer is a free fitness app that will revolutionize your golf swing

Arm Speed ​​Analyzer is a free fitness app that will revolutionize your golf swing

That is why you need an arm speed analyzer. This incredibly useful Apple Watch app tells you exactly how fast your arm is moving and its precise acceleration rate. You can even track and record your leg speed by tying your Apple Watch to your ankle.

The sports applications are practically endless. For example, Arm Speed ​​Analyzer can help you correct and fine tune your golf swing by allowing you to compare different swings in a scientific and rigorous way.

The app lets you see, in black and white, which swing speed and acceleration works best for you, giving you a role model to follow until the perfect swing becomes second nature.

Likewise, you can track how fast you throw a baseball, giving you a personal best for trying to knock down, and feedback on the right way to do it.

The same goes for tennis, disc golf, cricket, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, darts, shot put, javelin, discus, long jump, swimming pool and just about any activity that requires moving a limb.

Not just quickly, of course, but also consistently. If you’ve ever tried to improve yourself at something, you’ll know that consistency is key, and Arm Speed ​​Analyzer is a very effective tool for getting the same results every time.

You can even track the general speed of your arm movements throughout the day, much the same way you would use a step counter to make sure you stay active enough. Arm Speed ​​Analyzer even integrates with HealthKit, so all your fitness data stays in one place.

You can download arm speed analyzer free now on the App Store.

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