April PS5 Update Adds Much More Than External Storage Support

April PS5 Update Adds Much More Than External Storage Support

If you are among those who were able to obtain a PS5, yesterday’s update was a welcome addition to the console, introducing things like 120Hz support for 1080p monitors.

But you might never know, because Sony didn’t mention this feature in their announcement. It does mention this feature and more in its full changelog, however. Along with more prominent features like the inclusion of expandable storage support for PS5 games, 120Hz support for 1080p monitors is going a bit under the radar.

But it’s probably a point of interest for anyone who connects their PS5 to a PC gaming monitor.

Update your PS5 to enable 120Hz support for 1080p monitors

Some 1080p monitors allow 120Hz support, and now Sony lets you use that faster frame rate on the PS5. This was previously only supported on newer TVs and monitors. Sony’s extension of the functionality to 1080p displays is therefore a telling indicator that the company recognizes that not all gamers are connected to a TV.

Sony says gamers who are having trouble viewing their games at 120Hz should turn off the activate 120Hz output in the settings menu.

But that’s not the only other feature to look for. The changelog mentions a large suite of updates. Notably, the ability to turn off HDR in the video output when playing a game that supports HDR. As not all do.

There is also an option you can enable to turn on the console when you turn on the TV. And conversely, when you turn off the television, the console goes into standby. While you might not want to put the console into rest mode until Sony confirms the launch issue has been resolved, it will be more convenient to turn it on when you turn on the TV. Save you a step.

Stop following all the games you don’t like

Another gem you might want to watch out for is hidden in the changelog. The possibility of no longer following the games. If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, the first thing you see when you start the PS5 is a news, or social, hub that displays recent events for certain games.

Maybe these are games you play. Maybe you really like them. Then again, maybe you don’t care less and would rather not see them in the thread.

You cannot completely get rid of the hub. But the next best option is to at least delete the games you don’t care about. Unfortunately, you still have to dive into the system settings to achieve this. But at least it’s possible now.

And, if you still have friends on PS4, and you probably do, you can now use Game Sharing with them. You can find the full changelog here for other improvements. And definitely go install the update if you haven’t already.

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