Apple Updates Clips With New AR Spaces

Apple Updates Clips With New AR Spaces

Available for the iPhone 12 Pro line and newer iPad Pro models with a LiDAR scanner, the feature allows users to add immersive video effects.

There are seven AR space effects to choose from:

  • Prism: Ribbons of rainbow light scan walls, floors, and objects in a room.
  • Confetti: Festive bursts of confetti fall and collect on flat surfaces.
  • Disco: Bright lights reflect off the disco ball that hangs from the ceiling of the space.
  • Dance floor: colorful light dance tiles in patterns on the floor.
  • Sparkles: Golden emoji and white glitter fill the space.
  • Stardust: Magical trails of starlight encircle and follow one person in the video.
  • Hearts: Heart-shaped floating balloons bubble in space.

The app recognizes anyone in the video and projects the effects all around. AR spaces can also be combined with stickers, text and emoticons and saved in any aspect ratio.

Apple also promises monthly app updates with additional filters, live headlines, text, stickers, and posters related to seasonal events and cultural trends. You will also receive a notification when new content is added.

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