Apple unveils iOS and iPadOS 15 with improved notifications and more

Apple unveils iOS and iPadOS 15 with improved notifications and more

The WWDC unveiling began with a number of new features for FaceTime. In addition to video and audio enhancements, the popular video chat service will feature portrait mode and the ability to create share links for a call.

You can also watch videos and listen to music through FaceTime with SharePlay. An API will also allow other app developers to integrate apps into FaceTime.

And Messages also adds a host of additions with group chats and additional integration with links shared with friends and family using Shared With You.

Notifications also get a nice overhaul. They are larger and feature contact images. A new notification summary will make it easy for you to catch up on what you missed using intelligence on the device.

The Focus feature will allow you to adapt your device to the current state of mind to better customize notifications at specific times of the day. It will be automatically set on all your other Apple devices.

In Photos, a new Live Text feature will let you capture text from images to cut and paste. You can also find information on images known as a dog breed.

Photo search is also coming to Spotlight.

In the popular Photos Memories feature, Apple Music integration is being added.

Wallet adds improvements, including the ability to add additional keys for the car, home and office. You will also be able to scan your ID and store it in Wallet and use it soon at TSA checkpoints.

Apple’s standard weather app spots a redesign with more climate information and a full-screen radar. Maps adds additional details in cities, including landmarks and more, as well as an improved driving experience.

AirPods also get additional features, including the ability for Siri to announce notifications and improved support for Find My.

On the iPadOS side, iPadOS 15 allows users to place applications anywhere on the tablet’s home screen. There is also a larger additional widget size. App Library, which debuted last year for the iPhone, is also making its way to the iPad.

There’s also a new multitasking menu on the iPad for quick access to split view or swipe. A shelf feature will also show you all open windows of a specific app.

In Notes on iPad, one of the best new features is Quick Note which will allow quick and easy access to create a note from anywhere.

Finally, you will also be able to create apps in Swift Playgrounds.

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