Apex Legends Mobile will undergo regional beta testing in April

Apex Legends Mobile will undergo regional beta testing in April

Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games on PC and consoles, and it’s finally coming to mobile this month, starting with a regional beta.

Today EA announced the coming of the game to reaffirm that it is still in development and on the way. However, the regional beta will be limited to two countries initially. This includes the Philippines and India, and will be limited to a few thousand players at first. Like EA wants to keep things small while speeding up development with a live player base.

It’s very similar to how Riot did things with League Of Legends: Wild Rift. And just like Wild Rift, Apex Legends Mobile will be expanding its regional beta to more countries throughout the year.

Regional beta starts this month

Apex Legends Mobile will be open to players from both starting countries in April. And with April almost over, gamers in those countries can probably expect the game to arrive sometime this week, or next Friday at the latest.

Provided EA is able to meet the schedule. When the game goes live, it will have a lot to live for. However, EA seems confident in its development so far. Indicating that the game offers the most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone. Controls and other elements have also been optimized for touchscreen reading.

Although EA claims that Apex Legends Mobile stays true to the original version of the game, regardless of its new on-the-go abilities. The game will also remain free to play, with monetization through in-game micro-transactions. Players can also claim a Battle Pass, but it will not have cross-play support with the PC and console versions of the game.

Check out the first screenshots

In addition to new information on the game’s development, EA also shared the first screenshots. Based on these images, the game looks quite good.

However, its graphics still look a bit rough around the edges. The landscapes and other level details are not as beautiful as the player models. Although that may change as development continues. The regional beta will also only be available on Android for now. IOS development is underway, but platform support will not come until later.

You’ll also be able to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile in the future, once EA determines that the game is ready for wider reach and more players.

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