Android Auto running on connectivity troubleshooter and enhanced day / night controls

Android Auto running on connectivity troubleshooter and enhanced day / night controls

Well it looks like Google is working on new features for Android Auto. According to an APK Insight report by 9To5GoogleGoogle may soon add a connectivity troubleshooter and improved day / night mode controls to Android Auto.

Apparently, with the new connectivity troubleshooter, Android Auto will block your device from connecting if you’ve enabled USB debugging on your phone.

An important thing about APK Insight is that there is no guarantee that all of the features explored in this article will be implemented in future versions.

We only see different lines of code that indicate what the developers are working on. The final decision is up to developers whether or not they want to integrate these features in future versions.

Coming back to the features, the connectivity troubleshooter and day / night controls were discovered in the Android Auto app version 6.3.

Several lines of codes tell us that the app will soon determine if USB debugging is enabled on your phone. It will display a message saying: “connection to a vehicle can be prevented when USB debugging is enabled.

Here are the codes;

<string name=”usb_debugging_message”>”A connection to a vehicle may be prevented when USB debugging is enabled. Turn off “USB debugging” in “Developer options” and try again.”</string>

<string name=”usb_debugging_resolution_text”>”Settings”</string>

<string name=”usb_debugging_title”>”USB Debugging is enabled”</string>

<string name=”settings_connection_troubleshooter_title”>”Connectivity Troubleshooter”</string>

<string name=”settings_connection_troubleshooter_summary”>”Check for any current issues with your connection.”</string>

<string name=”settings_connection_enable_troubleshooter_title”>”Enable troubleshooter feedback”</string>

<string name=”settings_connection_enable_troubleshooter_summary”>”Capture a bug report to send to Google when connection issues are detected.”</string>

<string name=”connection_session_overview_title”>”Android Auto Connection Detector”</string>

<string name=”connection_session_overview_message”>”Feedback automatically captured during Android Auto startup.”</string>

Android Auto may soon allow user to control day / night mode for Maps

Not only a connectivity troubleshooter, but new codes on improved day / night mode have also been discovered in the Android Auto app v6.3.

This feature is intended to give more flexibility to users. Also, as reported by 9To5Google, it will provide user control over day / night mode for Maps on Android Auto.

FYI, Android Auto already has a toggle to enable light / dark themes in its developer settings. However, it does provide a locked day or night mode, leaving it to under the car or matching system settings.

The good thing is that the new set of channels reveal improvements that may soon be added to this feature.

<string name=”settings_day_night_mode_car_controlled_title”>”Automatic”</string>

<string name=”settings_day_night_mode_day_title”>”Day”</string>

<string name=”settings_day_night_mode_night_title”>”Night”</string>

<string name=”settings_day_night_mode_title”>”Day/Night mode for Maps”</string>

<string name=”settings_day_night_mode_unavailable_summary”>”N/A”</string>

But as already mentioned, these features were discovered in an article on APK Insight. So there is a 50-50 chance that these new features will emerge on the Android Auto app in the future.

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