Android 12’s game mode has gained new powers

Android 12’s game mode has gained new powers

Android 12 gets a game mode, which was discovered during the initial launch of the developer preview Android 12. At the time, the game dashboard had a few different features.

These included the ability to activate an FPS counter, as well as start recording. There was also a big button that allowed instant access to the live streaming on YouTube. Finally, the dashboard showed that there was a button to turn off notifications during games and a button to take screenshots.

From the third developer preview it was discovered by XDA Mishaal rahman that the game mode now has some new features that have been added. This suggests that Google is doing what it can to fill this functionality with useful functions. And if Google is serious about meeting the needs of mobile gaming enthusiasts, it needs these features. Like all gaming phones on the market offer them. Even some non-gaming phones offer them.

Android 12 game mode now has a game optimization button

When the game mode was discovered in the developer’s first preview, there were two larger square-shaped buttons in the dashboard. One of those was YouTube’s live stream button.

So you can easily access it in case you want to stream your gameplay. The other button was empty, so it wasn’t clear what it would be used for. This button is now one of the new features that appeared with the third developer preview and it turns out to be a game optimization button.

Tapping on it should help optimize your gameplay by increasing the CPU and GPU for gaming, while probably removing RAM usage by other apps. How much of this actually contributes to your phone’s performance is questionable as the feature is not yet usable. But it is there.

Officially, it looks like enabling in-game optimization will give you three different options. One to increase your frame rate, one to use game defaults, and one to decrease frame rate to help conserve battery life.

You can switch between features with a floating menu

Access to these features will be fairly easy it seems. Like Google has configured things to be available through a floating menu. Phones like the ASUS ROG Phone 5 allow you to toggle these controls by swiping your finger inward from the left edge of the screen when a game is running.

Pixel phones on Android 12 however, you will toggle a floating menu which somehow makes it more accessible. Although that would also mean it would likely stay open. Even during the game. This could hinder visibility a bit.

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