Android 12 DP2 introduces another media player UI modification

Android 12 DP2 apparently starts full of small, subtle changes, like the user interface of the media player for example. There is yet another change in this part of the user interface. Although not necessarily the way you think.

You might have expected the layout to be different or the design to change completely. And that’s not really what’s happening. On the contrary, Android 12 DP2 changes where the corresponding colors come from for the media player user interface.

If you remember, Google introduced the new Quick Settings media player with Android 11. This media player also draped the thumbnail in the corresponding colors of the album artwork.

But not anymore. And while this isn’t a very big design change, it just might turn out to be a better solution.

Android 12 DP2 media player UI now extracts accent colors from the system

The decision to use accent colors system with Android 12 DP2 media player makes a lot of sense. This gives the user a bit more control over what color they want certain elements of the system to be.

With Android 12 DP2, you need to go to the Styles and Wallpapers menu of the phone first. Which you can access by long pressing on the home screen.

From here you can press the fashions tab in the bottom navigation bar. This would then allow you to select things like font, icon shape, and finally color. You can choose from a set of pre-selected options. But if you press the Customs you can select each of these three things individually. And when you get to the color part, there are more colors to choose from than what you see on the first screen.

The media player user interface will now be one of these colors for you to choose from.

Focus on album covers

While we can’t say for sure if this is the reason for the change, the artwork on the album stands out significantly more from the corresponding colors in the media player than before.

The colors looked great before, but since they matched the color or certain colors of the album cover art, it could be difficult to tell where some artwork on the album ended and the media player interface started. . Now you can tell it more easily because the colors are likely to be very different.

And that puts a little more emphasis on the artwork itself. Even if it’s only for these few moments, you take a look at it.

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