Amazon’s Next Big Game is a Heavily Popular Action MMO Lost Ark

Amazon’s Next Big Game is a Heavily Popular Action MMO Lost Ark

The hugely popular action MMO Lost Ark has finally launched in the United States. It’s Amazon’s next big game in partnership with the game’s creator, Smilegate RPG. While Amazon hasn’t developed this title like it did with New World, its own in-house MMO is slated to launch later this year, it is releasing the game under its own brand.

Lost Ark was confirmed for a US launch under Amazon games earlier this year, but this is the first time there has been a release delay. For those who don’t know, Lost Ark is an action MMO that looks like Diablo and various other action RPGs in the genre, but it incorporates a lot of MMORPG elements to make it a massively multiplayer online game.

It is currently available in South Korea and Russia, and is having huge success. While the game definitely has some substance, its biggest claim to fame is the magnificent combat.

Lost Ark will launch in the US in fall 2021

While Amazon hasn’t announced an exact release date, it does at least share the game’s arrival schedule in the West.

According to the trailer recently revealed during Summer Game Fest 2021, which is currently taking place as part of E3 2021, Lost Ark will arrive in the United States in the fall of this year. Which means it could appear between September and December. It also means that there are at least a few more months to wait, but it is possible to play the game right now if you are willing to jump through the hoops to install the game.

Keep in mind that this requires downloading a running VPN every time you want to play, and if you want to understand the context of the game, you will need to install an aftermarket English patch.

It’s a lot of work and the translation isn’t perfect. But it does give you the chance to experience what the game looks like ahead of its official release in the United States.

If you want a more convenient way to experience the game, Amazon is running a closed alpha test soon, and you can register now through the game landing page. The test begins June 11 via Steam, so you’ll want to register early in case past registrations have a better chance of being selected.

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