Amazon Music announces DJ mode for listeners in the United States

Amazon Music announces DJ mode for listeners in the United States

Amazon Music ad DJ mode on June 10. This new experience of Amazon Music’s DJ mode offers an impressive range of personalized and hosted stations. They are honored by music experts, star artists and top DJs.

Listeners in the United States were able to register on Thursday. They could discover the new stations hosted by DJs in various genres such as hip-hop, pop and country.

In addition to ideas from industry experts, these stations offer musical facts as well as Alexa trivia.

The Rap Rotation playlist will feature guests from DJ Letty and many other rap stars. For example, as Billie Eilish Takeover, the experience is mixed with her hand-picked songs, favorite tracks, and information about her music.

Amazon Music’s DJ Mode Enhances Your Listening Experience

Amazon Music VP Steve Boom said the DJ mode will strike a perfect balance between traditional radio and the best of streaming. Boom explained that the DJ mode allows fans to stream music exclusively chosen for them and at the same time enjoy the “personality of the radio hosted by DJ”.

Fans will be able to choose to enjoy the new experience on Amazon Music’s three major stations, including All Hits, Country Heat, and Rap Rotation. Amazon will be adding more stations soon.

On top of that, fans can enjoy the very first artist-led DJ mode. In The Billie Eilish Takeover, the “Your Power” singer will highlight her inspirations, her favorite songs, along with some behind-the-scenes stories.

How to listen to DJ Mode?

Amazon Music Subscribers and Prime members in the US can request activated stations using voice through Alexa. Alternatively, they can use the new car mode to access Amazon Music while in the car. Users can even use the Amazon Music app for Android, iOS, and Fire TV. The stations include:

“Alexa, play Rap Rotation in DJ mode”, “Alexa, play Country Heat in DJ mode”, “Alexa, play All Hits in DJ mode” and “Alexa, play The Billie Eilish Takeover”

Ecommerce giant offers its best deal to Prime members who haven’t tried Amazon Unlimited Music again. As part of the deal, they will be able to enjoy a free premium subscription service for four months and access over 75 million ad-free songs and multiple podcast episodes.

In addition to this, when Prime members who are new to Amazon Music Unlimited purchase, select Amazon Echo devices, they get six months of premium subscription service for free. If you don’t want the commentary, you can still access these stations without DJ Mode.

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