Amazon has a new game studio with multiplayer gaming on the way

A new Amazon game studio has emerged to deliver great upcoming content to the masses. Hail from Montreal, Amazon’s new game studio already has an online game.

Or rather one that he is already working on and plans to deliver for his first title. It will be Amazon’s fourth game studio to date. The other three, which are still operational and staffed, reside in Seattle, San Diego and Orange County.

One of them works on New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG. More than anything else right now, Amazon’s additional commitment to game development shows the determination it has for the craft. As well as how much money Amazon actually needs to spend on game development as a future source of revenue. Especially when you compare Amazon Games to Google’s Stadia Games & Entertainment. Which just closed in early 2021.

Amazon’s fourth game studio is working on online multiplayer game

Amazon doesn’t give out many details about the game, but it’s possible Amazon is looking for it to fill the void left by Crucible. Amazon’s online multiplayer shooter is now obsolete. It had a brief beta life before being pulled from Steam and tucked away in a dark corner never to be heard again.

While Amazon is not indicating that this new title from the Montreal studio is that type of game, there are a few clues. The Montreal studio is currently working on a game and is focusing on new AAA experiences. It is also an online multiplayer game.

Finally, it seems that more than a few developers have been working on Rainbow Six Siege. Developers who specialize in working on an online multiplayer shooter are now working on an AAA game title for Amazon? It looks like a new shooting game. And if so, maybe this time around Amazon intends the game to stay.

Attack on many fronts

Amazon doesn’t just dive head-first into internal game development. It is also entering the world of publishing. While this is not necessarily new information, Amazon reiterates in today’s announcement that it is working as a publisher for an external game developed by Smilegate RPG.

The alone The game developed by Smilegate RPG that is not already available in Western countries, such as the United States, is Lost Ark. A highly anticipated MMO Action RPG that looks a bit like Diablo, but with MMO elements and a great online community.

So in addition to a new in-house game studio focused on AAA game development, Amazon is also getting into the game publishing waters. To help expand the reach of popular international titles. Without forgetting that it continues with Luna. It is a cloud gaming platform.

Amazon is playing for the long term. Google should take notes.

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