AJ Brown on Titans acquires Julio Jones: “You’re all done”

AJ Brown on Titans acquires Julio Jones: “You’re all done”

There might not be a happier person in the NFL right now than AJ Brown.

The third-year Titans catcher, who publicly pressured Julio Jones considering Tennessee as a potential business destination, seems elated reports his team will be the one to land the double All-Pro receiver and seven times Pro Bowl.

Brown, himself a 2020 Pro Bowl selection, put it unequivocally:

AFTER: Julio Jones trade details: Falcons reportedly offered Titans star receiver for draft picks

The Titans would drop a second round in 2022 and a fourth round in 2023 for Jones, also securing a sixth round in 2023 in addition to the 32-year-old star catcher.

Assuming the deal goes through, the Jones and Brown receiving duo appear to be one of the strongest – literally – in the league. Add running back Derrick Henry to the mix, and possibly one of the toughest skill groups to face in the NFL.

Brown just finished a breakout season in which he caught 70 passes for 1,075 yards and 11 touchdowns. Henry, the two reigning NFL running champion, just finished a season of 2,027 yards and 17 touchdowns, both NFL highs. Jones has just completed a season in which he struggled with hamstring problems, but still racked up 771 yards and three touchdowns in nine games (the second in a single season for his career).

Assuming Jones can stay relatively healthy, he will provide an immediate upgrade to the Titans’ receiving corps, especially after losing wide receiver Corey Davis and tight end Jonnu Smith in free agency and moving off target. slot machine Adam Humphries. Arguably Jones is providing an upgrade just by lining up next to Brown, as teams will now have to worry about covering both receivers while keeping an eye out for Henry in the backfield.

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