AC Valhalla on Stadia gets “highly replayable” mode in new patch

AC Valhalla is one of the biggest and best games in the Assassin’s Creed franchise to date, and today it just received a new patch that has been released on all platforms, including Stadiums.

This new patch which is version 1.1.2 adds a new “highly replayable” mode to the game. This mode, called River Raids, promises players the allure of valuable rewards for taking on new challenges. Patch 1.1.2, however, adds more than River Raids mode to AC Valhalla.

There are also new in-game character changes that will give players even more ways to seek Viking glory across England. It should also be noted that the new River Raids mode is part of the Christmas season content in the game.

This content is completely free for all players. All you need to do is own the game. However, it can only be accessed after installing the patch. This of course excludes Stadia players, as they don’t have to deal with downloads or updates on their end.

AC Valhalla patch 1.1.2 adds new skills and abilities for Stadia players

Whether you’re new to AC Valhalla or playing it since its release, this patch is for you. This is because there are now new skills and abilities to unlock to make your character even stronger than before.

Not to mention that it gives you more variety in the ways of playing. There are three new abilities to learn in total. The first new ability is called Berserker Trap. This allows you to attach a trap to your arrow that will trigger when it detects movement. Leading enemies to become enraged and attack each other. Basically, they do your job for you. Win-win. If you played Ghost of Tsushima and unlocked the hallucination darts, the effect is probably very similar to that.

The second new ability is called Battle Cry. As the name suggests, you’ll let out a menacing scream that will both knock down and frighten your enemies. While also giving you increased attack damage so you can waste it. It also interrupts all attacks in progress when the ability is activated.

Finally, there is Shoulder Bash. This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can push enemies with your shoulder and smash things. Use accordingly. As far as skills are concerned, there is a bit more on the table.

Upgrade Eivor with six new skills

With six new skills to unlock, you’ll be even better equipped to take on the Templars and any other enemies that stand in your way.

New skills include Assassin Carry, Assassin Slide, Power Stroke, Arrow Looter, Fight Ready, and Long Ship Brace. All of these have their uses in one situation or another. They are therefore worth exploring. In addition to new abilities and skills, the game also has many improvements.

Ubisoft also applied a few balancing changes and added a handful of graphics, audio, and animation improvements. One in particular for the PS4 and PS5 now animates the Muspell Warg mount with searing flames that engulf its body. If you want to see the full patch notes for the new update, you can do it here. And you should definitely take a look because there are some a lot of the changes listed. Or you can just go straight to the game.

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