A severed ties with ‘totally unacceptable’ minor-league food vendor before images leak

A severed ties with ‘totally unacceptable’ minor-league food vendor before images leak

One of the most important things minor league teams offer players is the post-game meal.

But on Tuesday, photos of some of the meals the athletics organization served its minor leaguers were leaked. Needless to say, they weren’t pretty.

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As shared by the Advocates for Minor Leaguers Twitter account, the A’s meals were a bit lacking.

The As apparently agree with the assessment. In a tweet citing the photo, A’s team president Dave Kaval called the meals “totally unacceptable” and confirmed that the organization had severed ties with the third-party supplier weeks before.

Certainly, this is a sensible step. Given that minor league athletes are already significantly underpaid – SN’s Ryan Fagan detailed the situation earlier this year – the least every MLB organization can do is make sure their players are well fed after games.

And that’s especially true now that the minor leagues have just 120 teams, up from 160 before the pandemic.

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Harry Marino, the executive director of Advocates for Minor Leaguers, was delighted to see Kaval’s comments, but he also pointed out that these issues are not just about the Oakland organization and have yet to be addressed.

“I appreciate Mr. Kaval’s quick recognition that these meals are unacceptable and his promise to do better in the future,” said Marino, by ESPN.

“Sadly, this is far from an isolated incident in Minor League baseball. Every day I hear directly from players talking about the myriad of ways they are being abused. While the players are too afraid to speak up. in public, for fear of retaliation their stories should be heard. I would love to have the opportunity to work in conjunction with Mr. Kaval or any other MLB representative who would like to hear these stories and work together to improve the game baseball for players at all skill levels.

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