A larger-than-life Nintendo Switch is what dreams are made of

This huge Nintendo Switch is the material of which dreams are made. That’s if you’re someone who’s ever dreamed of playing games on a Switch that’s probably as big as your TV.

YouTube content creator Michael Pick took that dream and made it a reality. Build a larger than life Nintendo Change the console that you can actually play. All buttons also work properly. So it’s really playable, just like the original model which can actually fit in your bag.

Depending on the choice, the idea of ​​a full-size Switch came to him because the Switch is a small console. Making it a bit easy to misplace. So he built a version that wasn’t that easy to lose. Certainly, this reason is more for the sake of the video and not the real reason for the construction. See, Pick donated the Mega Switch to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So it is very likely that all of this was put in place to make something fun for the kids.

This huge Nintendo Switch is actually a big TV

It may look like a giant switch and play like a giant switch, but in reality it is a 65-inch 4K LED TV inside a wooden shell. The whole construction can be seen in the video above. The Joy-Con controllers and the majority of the console shell are all made of wood.

While the buttons and joysticks are 3D printed. Inside the giant Joy-Cons, there’s actually a little Joy-Con controller that helps keep everything working. It sits inside a 3D printed bracket that allows servos to press all buttons.

There’s one of these setups on either side, with the actual switch mounted with the left Joy-Con. Now when you get to it, it’s basically just a giant TV shaped like a Nintendo Switch. But since the buttons all work, it’s definitely more interactive.

You can also play with a Switch Pro controller

Buttons can work, but you can’t exactly press all the buttons on both sides the same way you would with a regular switch. The whole thing is too big. Having said that, since it was donated at St. Jude’s, it could be a fun way for the kids to play games together.

You can also play with a Switch Pro controller, which makes things more of a relaxing experience as you’d probably expect. If you are a Nintendo fan, this is probably your ultimate setup. We understood.

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