5 things about Ford’s F-150 Lightning

5 things about Ford’s F-150 Lightning

Ford officially unveiled the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup on May 19, 2021 at its global headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

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DETROIT – If anyone doubted the importance of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning for Ford enginethey are not expected after the vehicle’s theatrical debut at the automaker’s world headquarters this week in Michigan.

Ford transformed its 12-story home – known as the “Glass House” for its modern square, glass-clad design – into a 64,000-square-foot projection screen for the vehicle’s official unveiling on Wednesday night. It was an exaggerated presentation that spoke to the meaning of the vehicle and Ford’s pickup truck franchise, which takes the lion’s share of the company’s profits.

Ford chairman Bill Ford called it a “defining moment” and “historic day” for the company. Ford CEO Jim Farley said it was a “moment of enormous pride” and that it would be a test of whether mainstream Americans really want electric vehicles.

Ford has done everything to make the vehicle attractive to pickup truck customers – from its price to functionality and design. It also added some surprising features that wouldn’t be possible with a gasoline powered vehicle, like a huge front trunk, or a frunk, and the ability to power a house for days on end.

Here is more information on these features as well as other things to know about the truck.

Anti-Tesla design

The pickup looks like the automaker’s current F-150, but includes new interior and exterior features. It is powered by two electric motors and a battery instead of a traditional gasoline engine. It will come in two battery options with a targeted range of 230 miles or 300 miles, Ford said.

The design and functionality of the F-150 Lightning pickup is meant to be a truck, “not a science experiment,” according to Linda Zhang, the vehicle’s chief engineer.

A promotional photo of Tesla’s Cybertruck.


Take a hit at You’re here Cybertruck design, Jasen Turnbull, Marketing Director of Lightning, put it differently: “Our customers told us they wanted something modern and advanced, but they didn’t want their truck to look like a stop. door or to a spaceship, ”he said. “They wanted something distinct but not different.”

You’re here to come Cybertruck has a unique and polarizing design that was inspired by the movies “Blade Runner” and “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

It can power a house

The F-150 Lightning is available with 11 outlets, including four in the trunk and one 240-volt in the pickup box for heavy equipment. Using the vehicle’s battery, the truck also functions as an electric generator. Depending on the amount of electricity consumed, it could power a house up to 10 days, Ford said.

Ford partners with solar company Sunrun to provide a home EV charger and inverter that would automatically draw power from the truck when plugged in – enough to power an entire home or certain critical products during a power outage. They will also offer a solar installation for the owners.

A current electric-gas hybrid model of the 2021 F-150 also has an electric generator but not the power level of the EV version.

The F-150 Lightning is rated at up to 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque – about 130 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque more than the top-performance, engine-driven version.

‘Awesome frunking’

The Lightning also has a massive front truck, or frunk.

The frill, located where the engine would typically be, is unique because the vehicle’s grille is integrated into the hood. It creates an open, flat area that is easier to load and unload than a bin-type trash can found on most EVs. It adds 14.1 square feet of secure storage for dry or wet items. For the latter, it also has a drain at the bottom.

Ford F-150 Lightning 2022


“I like to say it’s awesome,” said Nancy Reppenhagen, Ford’s overall features process supervisor who led the development of the frunk. For tailgating, she said it could be used as a cooler, table, or stand for a large flat screen TV.

The frunk also includes four 110-volt power outlets and two USB ports for charging. It is designed to store up to 400 books.

Prices and benefits

The price of the vehicle, just like the traditional F-150, has a large bandwidth. Ford said a work-oriented version of the truck would start at $ 39,974. More consumer-oriented models will start at $ 52,974 and end at around $ 90,000.

The “74” at the end of the award has hidden meaning, a Ford spokesperson told CNBC. It’s a nod to the 74th anniversary of the Ford F-Series in 2022, which is the first model year of the F-150 Lightning.

Ford said the vehicle would be profitable, but executives declined to say whether each model would make money.

It is expected to be one of the first consumer electric pickups, if not the first, when it hits dealer showrooms by mid-2022.


Ford has taken 20,000 reservations for its new electric vehicle Micro F-150 Lightning less than 12 hours after making his official debut, CEO Jim Farley told CNBC on Thursday morning.

“The response has been excellent,” said Farley during an interview on “Squawk Box”. “With 20,000 orders already, we’re off to the races.”

Ford’s strong reservations for the F-150 Lightning are not unique. Two days after the Tesla Cybertruck unveiled in November 2019, CEO Elon musk tweeted that the company had taken 146,000 reservations for the trapezoidal shaped steel microphone.

The automaker is taking $ 100 refundable reservations for the F-150 Lightning on its website.

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