5 reasons why you should pre-order Legends of Kingdom Rush

5 reasons why you should pre-order Legends of Kingdom Rush

We are on the threshold of the biggest event in distinguished Kingdom Rush history. In a few days (June 11 to be exact) Legends of Kingdom Rush will arrive, taking the series in a bold new direction – and you can pre-order it right now.

Unlike its predecessors, Legends of Kingdom Rush weaves roguelike elements into its tactical RPG gameplay, bringing a whole new kind of challenge to Kingdom’s expansive universe.

At the story level, you are faced with a new extraplanar threat and it is your job to send it back to the plane of reality from which it came. As you venture towards your objective, you will notice that the Kingdom is crawling with evil monsters willing to do anything to prevent you from completing your quest.

In the process, you’ll explore ruins and search for treasures, as well as solve eerie puzzles, as you play through three distinct and highly replayable adventures.

The settings you play in are randomly generated, with over a hundred different story events dotted around, ensuring you’ll never experience the same adventure twice.

The locations, meanwhile, include lush forests, rugged mountains, and wasteland, all reassuringly familiar from previous outings of Kingdom Rush.

The Heroes help you in your quest. There are five legendary heroes in the game and 11 companion heroes, all with different skills and powers. You can choose from a Holy Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, and more.

With these legends and companions by your side, you’ll engage in complex, tactically-rich turn-based combat on hexagonal grid battlefields.

It might all feel a bit overwhelming without the cleverly calibrated difficulty curve. The gameplay is accessible to begin with, but the complexity increases as your experience grows, meaning you’ll be able to handle the game’s wide array of tactical options when they arrive.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is just around the corner. If you close your eyes and concentrate, you can just about hear, carried by the breeze, the menacing sound of sharp swords.

Here are five reasons why you should pre-order Legends of Kingdom Rush on the App Store now.

  1. Each adventure in Legends of Kingdom Rush is unique. Thanks to the roguelike elements of the game, you will be faced with different combat encounters, map visuals and more every time you play.
  2. With 16 different heroes, all with unique abilities, Legends of Kingdom Rush allows for an endless variety of different group strategies. There are as many possible approaches as there are players to try them out.
  3. Your favorite heroes from the beloved and beloved Kingdom Rush series are back with bigger and better abilities. Legends of Kingdom Rush is your chance to fall in love with the franchise again.
  4. Legends of Kingdom Rush is full of Easter eggs to uproot and stumble upon. Each session could hold a surprise.
  5. Ironhide Games has always put a lot of craftsmanship and attention to detail in Kingdom Rush games, but Legends of Kingdom Rush is on another level, with stunning art, compelling writing, and a gorgeous soundtrack.

You can pre-order Legends of Kingdom Rush via Apple Arcade at present.

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