5 of the best slots games for Android

5 of the best slots games for Android

Did you know that mobile gaming is now the biggest gaming market? Statistical reports have shown that in 2020 there are over 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide, while over 72% of mobile phone users are also mobile gamers.

The most popular games are generally casual in nature, while being both attractive and easy to play. This probably explains why mobile casino games also exploded around the same time, with slits having become the most played games in online casinos.

Since thousands of slot machine games have been developed in the last few years alone, theming everything from movies and music to fantasy realms and sports, we can often be spoiled for choice. However, based on the variety of themes and overall gameplay, these are 5 of the best and most popular mobile slots currently available for Android users.

88 Fortunes

Already one of the most popular video slots in physical casinos in the United States, this game has also become one of the most popular slots in online and mobile casinos.

The theme of 88 Fortunes is based on Chinese symbology, with red being the dominant color – and as you probably already know – which represents luck and success in the Asian country. Gold is also prevalent and particularly among the key winning icons on spinning reels, representing wealth and wealth, especially when you line them up.

Featuring 5 standard reels with 243 paylines, the straightforward visual interface is accompanied by an eye-catching Chinese soundtrack, although keep your ears open for the sound of the gong, as this usually indicates you’ve triggered a winning line. or some of the bonus options.

Cleopatra More


Another game that first appeared as a physical slot machine in physical casinos, Cleopatra has brought its golden touch to online and mobile casinos with equal popularity.

The Egyptian theme has become one of the most frequently used in casino games, and what better character to use than the Queen of the Nile himself. Players will even be guided by her sultry voice, in role-playing mini-games triggered by certain icon combinations, giving them extra chances to win big prizes.

Packed with features that include bonus play, wild symbols, scatter symbols, prize multipliers and free spins; Cleopatra Plus is one of the most rewarding slots in terms of gameplay and engagement.

Wheel of fortune on air

What do you get when you combine a favorite American game show with an online slot machine? That’s right, Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune On Air, which launched in 2019.

This famous spinning wheel is featured, along with icons for the awards of the TV show featured on the reels. While you might not win a speedboat or a sports car playing this vibrant and colorful slot game, there are plenty of chances for you to win cash prizes and unlock great bonuses.

This slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and while that may seem limited compared to other games, it’s all about quality rather than quantity here. There are many unique features that can be triggered including the Mystery Transform icon which always improves your chances of winning.

Hypernova Megaways

We all know that a supernova is what happens when a star explodes. Well, since the release of the Hypernova Megaways slot machine game in mobile casinos, it has really exploded.

Given the name Hypernova, we would expect a science fiction space theme and the designers have certainly delivered there, with visuals and sounds to create a great vibe. But what about the megaways? Well, that’s because this slot machine has – wait for it – a whopping 117,649 paylines.

There are a lot of common slots features present in this six reel spinner, including wilds and scatters to increase our odds, although the biggest feature is undoubtedly the design of the game itself. Especially this impressive number of paylines, some of the best of all online slots games.


What’s sweeter than a slot machine game named after everyone’s favorite comfort food? That’s right, a slot machine that’s already gotten famous for handing out a lot of sugar, baby!

Gamers are immediately drawn to the retro Americana theme surrounding the donut presentation, as well as the funky ’50s music coming out of the on-screen jukebox, where you’ll also find the reels. But when those donut icons line up on the reels and suddenly you hear the “ Lone Ranger ” theme, you’re about to trigger a big win.

It is definitely one of those slot machines with a unique charm. Even though there are only 4 reels, there is plenty to keep players engaged and entertained, with a candy box full of tasty features like bonus games, wilds and scatters, multipliers and free spins.

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