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The SmallBizChat Podcast: Making Meaningful Connections Online with Phil Gerbyshak

Making Meaningful Connections Online with Phil Gerbyshak 1200 x 1200 Final V2Phil Gerbyshak is a speaker, corporate sales trainer, and small business coach who trains his clients on the power of connection and how to leverage social media to attract profitable, long-term clients. Phil is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and has spoken at many regional meetings about social media leads and the power of connecting the right way on social media. He is the author of five books, host of the Conversations with Phil podcast, and co-host of Social Chatter, the longest-running social media marketing talk show sharing the latest information and news about social media marketing.

Phil joins me today to share his insights into how to slow down on social media and focus on building authentic relationships to boost revenue and accomplish your goals. He discusses the secrets of his content formula, why he loves video, and the importance of commenting on other people’s social media posts to engage and be engaged. Phil also shares why you shouldn’t use your business LinkedIn page as an online resume, what makes a great LinkedIn profile, and how to leverage that platform to nurture relationships and gain new leads.

“Relationships don’t happen overnight. Slow down and serve more to sell more.” – Phil Gerbyshak

Listen to the podcast below:

Making Meaningful Connections Online with Phil Gerbyshak Podcast Quote

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How to use the three I’s to connect on social media
  • The biggest mistakes people make when building relationships online
  • How to leverage your personality on social media
  • How to present yourself on LinkedIn and why you should start by following the people you want to connect with
  • The increasing importance of going offline with conversations to build deeper connections
  • Why it’s okay to be a little vulnerable
  • Phil’s favorite way to showcase his personality and energy on social platforms
  • The relationship between Hunt and Help on social media
  • Phil’s strategy to engage and be engaged to add value to relationships

Connect with Phil Gerbyshak:

  • Website
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn

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