2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

Is not it the Internet synonym of Information overload? Sugar coated words, always smiling people, fancy advertisements – I bet social media posts, web pages, e-mails, and mobile app shine brighter than diamonds. It is as if scams and social media got married to give birth to the most influential fake companies. Fortunately, there is an end to this toxic relationship and, eventually, a way to pluck the germ of fraud outside platforms: Live streaming apps.

This information on the best live streaming apps identifies one of the Internet’s biggest problems and the solution, with the goal of empowering you to make a difference.

Getting information on the Internet is like having a drink at a fire hydrant. – Mitchell Kapor

What is information overload?

The term “information overload“(also known as the information explosion, informational anxiety, and information) was first invented by Bertram gross in his 1964 book “Management of organizations. ”

Infoxification occurs when we have too much information (TMI) on a particular problem. We have a limited number cognitive processing ability that affects our ability to make decisions when there is information overload.

Information overload is a symptom of our desire not to focus on what’s important right now. It’s a choice. – Brian Solis

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This image doesn’t even represent a fraction of the sources of content consumption, does it? We are all overwhelmed with information and struggle not to feel overwhelmed.

As 2022 approaches, the ways we have to create / consume content are endless and ever-changing.

How to switch from noise to signal?

The The solution is to access information in real time to act immediately. The solution is to be alerted the second a story breaks out, and that’s why launching a live video streaming app is so successful.

By 2027, live streaming apps will completely change the process of distributing and consuming content. ??

Live Streaming Application Statistics 2021

What you know is a drop. What you don’t know is an ocean. Read on cause I’m about to shed some light on the revealing live video streaming statistics. Let’s start with WHY!! Why even think about implementing a live video streaming app idea?

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

More importantly, the live video streaming application market is expected to grow to over $ 247 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 28.1%. (Source: Globe News Wire)

Did you know that video generates 1200% more shares on social networks than images? Did you also know that websites that use video like 41% more traffic from organic searches? That said, video content is the king, and live video streaming apps are the kingdoms.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

To eliminate unnecessary online pieces of important information, it is necessary to access the information in real time.

  • What happens at a glance? is the answer to how to be more decisive?
  • Every individual / business tries to stay ahead of what the online world thinks. Everyone is dying to have real-time information.

Live video streaming apps here act as filters.

Do not you think so an app that can reduce noise help others find the conversations they care about is a guaranteed success?

Through 2027, broadcasters, brands and content producers will no longer trust their current market position. They will need to welcome live streaming platforms with open arms to feed their thirst for additional revenue streams.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

Conventional television is also running out of steam. Live concerts, information programs, and sport events will be the first to say goodbye to television. The statistics presented below cry out for opportunity for those who are ready to get started. niche live streaming apps.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

Live audio and video streaming applications

The real problem seems to be the interest of online users. For most of them, the Internet is entertainment. Google is gossip. The depth of the content is a distraction.

I just weaved words this showcase the concept behind Clubhouse, an audio-based social media platform.

What is the clubhouse?

Club house, an application that provides a more personal experience, allows you to enter and exit different audio conversations.

Read more : Clubhouse Business and Revenue Model

  • The clubhouse was an invitation-only social app. You needed an invitation to join in or even listen to the conversation.

In July 2021, Clubhouse has terminated the invite-only system. It is open to anyone who wants to connect to the latest audio chats.

Once started as a platform for professionals is now no platform different from TIC Tac. Having said that, this only adds to the problem of information overload.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

  • Club house created a lot of buzz around its platform which made Twitter launch The spaces, Facebook launch Audio rooms, and Reddit launch Discussion on Reddit. It should be noted that the giants of social media Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit had already launched live video streaming features before jumping on the Clubhouse train.

    The clubhouse is an audio-only platform. Will Clubhouse continue to be the internet sensation, especially when live video broadcast should represent 82% of all internet traffic? (Source: Livestream) The odds are slim as the sky.

    Did you know that the live video streaming industry has grown 99% in one year (between April 2019 and April 2020)?

These statistics are an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to launch a unique application of its kind. The answer to your “How?” is Open day!

What is Openhouse?

Open day is a pre-built, invite-only live streaming platform similar to the clubhouse with one additional feature: Live video streaming, making it the first of its kind. The live video streaming function only allows invited candidates to view the video or participate.

Considering the continued growth of the live video streaming industry, the Appscrip team has found it necessary to include the live video streaming feature.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

How would you like to monetize your live streaming app? As pointed out above, 52% of live viewers prefer watch advertisements than pay a subscription.

Did you know that Clubhouse has only one source of income: paid events and seminars. The app takes quite a bit of income from its users.

Open day includes the best source of revenue i.e. in-app ads. This is what the revenue model of Open day looks like!

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

There has never been a better time in history to launch live streaming apps. The live video streaming industry is not yet overcrowded, but as we know history is repeating itself. It will be overcrowded by 2027.

Change is the only constant even when it comes to our ways of consuming content.

2 best live streaming apps + stats that cry for success

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