15 best fighting games for Android

The King of Fighters AllStar Best Fighting Games for Android

Fighting games may not be the most popular genre anymore, but the people who still love the genre are some of the most loyal of all gamers. Sadly, fighting games haven’t been as prevalent on Android as many would have hoped, and there aren’t many amazing options available. 2018 saw some very big releases. There is some hope that this genre will improve over time. Here are the best fighting games for Android!

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Price: Free to play

Astracraft is technically a combat arena style game, but there are a lot of good combat elements. Players build their mechs from parts they unlock through the game. They take their machinations and compete against other players. It is a mostly online multiplayer game with a few different play modes. The big draw here is the ability to build and customize your character, but the combat elements are also fun as long as you don’t mind the arena fighting style.

Brawl stars

Price: Free to play

Brawl Stars could reach quite a bit. The gameplay is a bit more beat ’em up style than a real fighter, but it has a lot of the same tense elements. You and a few other people play online PvP against up to three opponents in total. You have to beat them and complete the objective. However, the game has a one-on-one battle mode which is basically just a fight to the death. The fighter genre isn’t super filled with good titles, but we think this one is good for killing five minutes.


Price: Free to play

Brawlhalla is a surprisingly fun fighting game. It looks a lot like Super Smash Bros. players play on a small platform with edges where you can fall. Different characters have different attacks and abilities and he’s really very similar to Super Smash Bros. In addition, the onscreen controls are highly customizable and there are a few different game modes. He’s a good arcade fighter who is great fun in short bursts. There are also 50 characters with more coming up all the time.

EA Sports UFC

Price: Freemium

EA Sports UFC is one of the most popular fighting games available today. It features decent graphics, a roster of 70 MMA fighters (including male and female stars), and tons of in-game content to play with. The controls are pretty bad. Most of the time, it is enough to tap or swipe. There is hardly any room for creativity. However, this is not a bad way to spend five minutes at a time. It’s an EA Sports game that offers in-app purchases. Many EA game fans know what to expect with this.


Price: Free / Varies

Interest in fighting games was much higher on older consoles, so you can find a ton of old games with emulators. You can play classic Street Fighter games with an SNES emulator, Soul Calibur on a PlayStation emulator, or King of Fighters on SEGA emulators. There are a huge number of options with a bunch of games for each platform. Most of them also have controller support, save and load states, cheat code support, and other features. Mobile fighters are super simplified and it’s a way to take back those more complex fighters from a long time ago. We have John NESS (SNES and NES) linked to the button or our full list of the best emulators here.

John NESS is one of the best SNES emulators for Android

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Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2 (and Mortal Kombat)

Price: Free to play

Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2 are two of the most popular fighting games on mobile. However, like most popular fighting games, the mechanics of both are a bit wrong. It’s mostly a matter of typing multiple times until someone wins. Other than that, they’ve got a decent roster of DC Comics heroes, tons of in-game stuff to do, and an online multiplayer mode. Mortal Kombat is another Warner Bros fighter with pretty much the same mechanics. Neither of these games are great, but they’re both decent time killers.

The King of ALLSTAR Fighters

Price: Free to play

ALLSTAR King of Fighters is one of the newest fighting games on the list comparatively. It takes place in the KoF universe and has a bunch of characters from the different games. It’s a bit of a button masher, but has more control options than something like Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 2. The game also features online PvP, co-op play, and a campaign option. People seem to really like this one, aside from the lag issues during PvP matches. Other than that, he’s a solid free fighter.

3D boxing punch

Price: Free to play

Punch Boxing 3D is the first of a few boxing games on this list. As with most boxing games, the game is a bit slower than combos, and you rely more on blocking and punching moves than movement. The graphics are fine and the controls seem to work as expected. It’s a little unfortunate that your controls are basically limited to blocking and punching, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The audio is also pretty bad. You can also level up your character by fighting in the gym and there are a variety of accessories that you can unlock.

Real boxing 2

Price: Free to play

Real Boxing 2 (formerly Real Boxing 2 Rocky) is the sequel to one of the best fighting games. You will be able to play as (and against) the popular fictional character as you fight. There is also a lot to do. You can challenge other fighters, participate in mini-games, fight bosses, and even create your own character. It has a selection of power-ups and gear and that can turn the tide in battle for better or for worse. The controls are pretty decent, as are the graphics. There are also social mechanics in the form of leaderboards and giveaways.

Real Steel Series

Price: Free to play

Real Steel is a robot fighting game series from Reliance Games. Unlike most, these titles feature arcade style combat controls. This means that you will have to move around and strike on your own. There are four games in the Robot Fighting series, each with their own set of mechanics, appearances, and things to do. The most popular, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, includes customization, multiplayer, and a few other game modes. The last game in the series is World Robot Boxing 2 and it has reasonably decent reviews. These are on the high end of the fighting games spectrum.

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Price: Free to play

Another of the more recent fighting games is Prizefighters. It is a retro style boxing game similar to those of the SNES era (the 1990s). It offers simple controls, player and ring customization, progression system, social features, and more. The developers are also promising online multiplayer at some point. This should enhance an already above average experience. It is a good one for fans of retro fighting games. In-app purchases aren’t as bad as the competition.

Shadow Battle Arena

Price: Free to play

Shadow Fight Arena is the latest in a long line of popular fighting games. This one is a little different from his predecessors but he’s still a good fighter. You play a character and you fight against the AI ​​and other players. The controls are a bit simple and die-hard fighting fans may find this missing. However, there is more than enough here for casual gamers. The previous games in the franchise are also very good if you want to play the older ones.


Price: Free to play

Skullgirls is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It’s not mentioned in the same conversations as Street Fighter or KoF, but people seem to like this one. The game is presented as a 2D fighting RPG with mechanics of both genres. You collect a variety of characters, upgrade them, and then use them to beat other people. The game is a bit heavier on the RPG elements than the combat elements, but there are enough controls to scratch that itch. Online PvP has a few issues, including occasional off-balance matches, but otherwise he seems like a nice little RPG fighter.

Stickman hero fight

Price: Free to play

Stickman Heroes Fight is a decent arcade fighter. You get basic controls, a d-pad to get around, and simple yet effective graphics. The characters are modeled after pop fictional characters like the MARVEL superheroes. There are also four game modes, including story mode, online PvP mode, survival mode, and tournament mode. It’s not the deepest game, but it’s a good time and the mechanics are solid.

Screenshot of Stickman Heroes Fight

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is one of the big fighting game releases of 2018. It’s not without its issues, however. The full game features a decent selection of characters and real-world battle mechanics. It also includes several somewhat broken, but working, features such as Bluetooth controller support and online PvP. We’ll be honest, this one still needs some work. However, Capcom seems up to the challenge with a slew of updates in the first few weeks of release. Most of the issues were resolved in its first year, and Google Play’s rating appears to be backlash from its insanely low score at the time.

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