10 most useless apps and games for Android

10 most useless apps and games for Android

the most useless applications

Let’s face the facts. Some applications are simply unnecessary. They make little noises, do little things and show off funny colors. However, at the end of the day, they don’t do anything useful. They quickly lose their charm like those little doo-dads you buy at that mall store. Or they pretend to do something useful, but it only damages your life. Here are the most useless apps for Android.
Some honorable mentions that are not on the list are OEM backup apps, antivirus apps, and a few other types. Generally speaking, these kinds of apps have a function, but they are superfluous for a better option. For example, OEM backup apps are pale compared to the built-in backup that Google does. Instead of antivirus apps, you just can’t do things that put your phone at risk. Stuff like that. Let’s get started!

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Coloring book apps with subscriptions

Price: Subscription / free fees vary.

Coloring book apps are starting to make a splash in the Android ecosystem. Unfortunately, some of them have problems. Many of them, including the popular Color by Disney, want you to pay a subscription service in order to use their coloring book app. Here is how they generally work. You get a little bit of content for free (which is usually not that great) and then you have to pay monthly to get the good stuff. Some of them charge as much as you would pay for Netflix or Hulu. Subscriptions to certain types of apps are perfectly acceptable, but coloring books are not one of them. It’s kinda weird to color something digitally and think you’re paying every month for it. It’s silly, honestly. We do not recommend them.

Pigment 2021 screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: $ 1.99

Fartr is an app that assesses your gas. It works pretty well. You press a button in the app, tear one up, and the app measures the sound and gives you a score out of 100. In addition, the app produces a snowflake-shaped visualization of your fart based on its height, volume and length. You can even share your results with others. This application is extremely well done for the uselessness of a function it provides. We’re wondering if the developers will make one for belching as well. If they do, they should call him Burpr.

Fartr screenshot

Many Google apps

Price: Release

Google offers some of the most useful apps on Android. They include Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Translate, Google Home, Google Play Games, Android Auto, and many more. However, there is a dark half of Google that usually ends up being useless. We are talking about Allo (TO TEAR APART), Hangouts, Google+ (TO TEAR APART), Inbox by Gmail (TO TEAR APART), and the series of failed Google projects we’ve seen before. Applications were not useless when they existed. However, due to their short lifespan, spending time learning about these apps ends up being a futile exercise.

Google+ - the most useless apps

Human-to-animal translators

Price: Release

We’ve talked about random apps that don’t do real things. However, we felt that apps that did this to animals deserved their own place. There are a variety of human to animal translators, dog whistles, animal sound effects, fake laser pointers, and whatever else people can think of. Obviously, they don’t work, which means they’re just fancy noises that your pets probably hate anyway. You can get squeaky toys at the pet store that make the same obnoxious noises, but at least you have the comfort of knowing your pet will eventually destroy them. We won’t tell you not to get those unnecessary apps, but we really should. Please note that these do not include apps that make animal sounds for educational purposes for children.

human to animal translators the most useless applications

Phone cleaning and cooling applications

Price: Release

It is basically known that phone cleaners, memory boosters, and phone cooling apps are functionally snake oil. Fortunately, most of these apps come in the form of big packages, which makes them easy to avoid. So here’s another reminder for you onlookers. Android manages the operation of your tasks and stops them automatically over time. This is called the adaptive battery. Applications cannot do this. Basically the same applies to increasing memory and cooling the processor. These apps should probably be banned from Google Play. They just don’t work.

Screenshot of Phone Cleaner

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Price: Release

SMTH, or Send Me To Heaven, is one of the most useless and potentially dangerous mobile games we’ve ever seen. The goal is to throw your phone as high as possible. Now the game is actually working and you can measure your phone’s throwing force. Actually the game is quite fun, we highly recommend it. However, Android Authority is not responsible for when you inevitably break your phone. Do not ask us for replacements.

Useless button

Price: Release

Useless Button is one of the many apps in this category. Some developers have a sense of humor and create apps that do nothing at all. The unnecessary button is a fairly classic example. You open the app, it has a red button and tapping on it doesn’t do anything. Enjoy. We’ve seen variations of this with blank screens when you open the app and some with decently designed buttons. However, my favorite is no longer on the Play Store. It was an app that opened and then immediately shut down on its own. Beautiful. These unnecessary apps are everywhere and they are easy to find with a simple search.

Screenshot of unnecessary button

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Release

Does anyone remember Yo? Otherwise, here’s a reminder. Yo is a messaging app where all you can say is Yo. It is up to the person receiving the message to understand what you really meant. The developer had a few fun ideas with this one initially, but none really took off. We are left with one app that was last updated in 2015 and bounces Yos forever. When Google Allo came out and everyone claimed it was a useless messaging app, it became clear that all of these people forgot about Yo.

Your most useless apps

Keyword applications

Price: Release

Keyword applications are applications in which the developer names the application after the keyword searched by Internet users. For example, linked to the button below is Music Player by the developer Music Player. No, I’m not kidding (although it’s been a while since we’ve updated this part, the developer may have removed it). You can find them everywhere. Applock is a particularly bad category for this and the game genres are literally the worst. Here is a game called “Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure”. These apps make up a lot of the unnecessary, copier, “same old, same old” bloat in the Play Store, and the name of the keyword legitimately knocks down the right apps in the list, as Google’s search algorithm keeps growing. get worse. If the app doesn’t have a real name, chances are it’s not good.

Screenshot of music player

Duplicate phone apps

Price: Release

It’s not pretty much the same problem as it used to be, but many OEMs still develop and ship phones with duplicate apps. For example, every phone has Gmail as its stock email app. However, OEMs like Samsung insist on shipping phones with a second messaging app (linked to the button below). Duplicate apps inflate the app drawer without adding additional functionality. In some cases, this is fine. For example, Google doesn’t force a calculator app, so an OEM calculator app is welcome because it’s the only one. Again, it’s not as big a problem as it used to be, but it’s still annoying when it happens. There is some discussion as to whether OEMs are providing the bloat or Google forcing apps on phones, but I don’t think the internet is ready for that conversation yet.

Samsung Email 2020 screenshot

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