10 best meditation apps for Android

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Many people appreciate the usefulness of meditation. People claim that meditation helps them calm down and relax. It also seems to do a lot for mental and emotional health. We don’t know if the utility is overrated, but it does seem to really help people. We also know of some great apps to help with meditative practices. Here are the best meditation apps for Android!

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Price: Free / $ 3.99 per month / $ 29.99 per year

Aware is a meditation service. It is also very popular with its user base. It basically teaches you how to meditate. There is a step by step, day to day guide. It starts with things like counting your breaths and then moves on to more complex things. There is another section for the Engergizers. These are meditation practices that you can do at any time. The app is free for the first seven days of content. From there, you have to pay $ 3.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year to get the rest. The free version is suitable for testing, but the premium version is probably best for intermediate level meditation.

mindful is one of the best meditation apps for android


Price: $ 12.99 per month / $ 59.99 per year / $ 299 once

Calm is one of the more expensive meditation apps. However, it boasts a lot of content. Some of the features include meditation sessions that last between three and 25 minutes. There is also a 10 minute daily schedule, a seven day schedule, a three week schedule and other content. You can also track your progress in the form of meditated time and daily streaks. Like we said, this one is very expensive. We recommend that you try the free items first to make sure that’s what you really want first. Otherwise, it works really well. It is good for advanced meditation fans.

Calm 2020 screenshot

Daily meditation

Price: Free / $ 3.99

Daily meditation is one of the simplest meditation apps. It offers daily ideas and meditation practices. That way you can get it everyday if you need it. It also includes useful information on meditation, tutorials, tips and tricks, and more. There are even audio elements such as music, gongs, and bells if you like. The free version covers around 12 days as a trial period. You can get the full version for a single payment of $ 3.99.

Daily Meditation - Best Meditation Apps

Meditate in depth

Price: Free / $ 2.99 per month / $ 24.99 per year

Deep Meditate is a clean and functional meditation app. It offers a variety of sounds, programs and atmospheres for meditation. In our tests, we tried anxiety and 15 minutes of breathing. Both have worked very well. The app also uses a variety of sounds, including relaxing sounds like cackling fire and rain. The user interface is well organized and it looks pretty good too. There isn’t much wrong with this one. Some meditations are available free of charge. However, to get everything you need to subscribe to the app. We’re not a fan of subscriptions, but this one is cheaper than most of its competition.

Deep Meditate 2020 screenshot

Head space

Price: Free / $ 12.99 per month

Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps. It offers meditation practices for beginners and experts. There are also programs tailored to the desired state of mind. It also includes SOS sessions for quick meditation sessions. There are hundreds of programs to choose from. You get some of the basics for free. You have to subscribe to get the rest. It also includes a price reduction if you pay for a year as well as a price reduction for friends and family plans. This is another great app for beginner, intermediate and expert meditation fans. It’s also one of the first that we recommend as long as you don’t mind the cost of the subscription.

Headspace 2021 screenshot 1

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

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Price: Free / optional donations

Let’s Meditate is one of the few free meditation apps. They are not exactly barebones. However, it doesn’t have a ton of features. It features 30 guided meditations and a simple interface. You also get offline support, multiple lengths of guided meditation, and more. Ironically, the lack of features really makes it feel simple and zen. You won’t move around the UI trying to find things very often. Other than that, it’s a simple little app. It also does not contain any in-app purchases or ads. There are optional donations if you want to support development.

Lets Meditate screenshot 2021

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

MyLife Meditation

Price: Free / $ 9.99 per month / $ 59.88 per year

MyLife Meditation (formerly Stop Breathe and Think) is a decent meditation app. He tries to focus more on things like stress and anxiety. Frankly, they all do, but this one focuses more on those two in particular. It includes guided meditation, recordings, timer, meditation tracker, and all the basic features. It also features a fun mood tracking mechanism which we really liked. You can download the app for free. It recently switched to a premium subscription service like many of its rivals. So, we only recommend it to people who don’t mind paying for it, as this is where all the good features are.

MyLife Meditation 2021 screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Prana breath

Price: Free / $ 1.29 per three months / $ 3.99 per year

Prana Breath is a good intermediate for meditation applications. It offers a variety of meditation practices, including eight breathing patterns, customizable breathing patterns, reminders, and even a quit smoking program. We imagine, however, that we have mixed results. The premium (guru) version gives you health tests, various breathing methods and charts, and much more. You need the subscription to benefit from all the features. However, it is also the cheapest subscription service of all the apps on the list. This one is packed with features, especially for people who like to personalize their experience.

Screenshot of Prana Breath 2020

Sanvello (formerly Pacifica)

Price: Free / $ 5.99 per month / $ 35.99 per year

Sanvello (formerly Pacifica) is one of the most unique meditation apps. It doesn’t just meditate. The app actually focuses more on mental health. He uses meditation as one of the many tools to do this. It is also part of cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, mood monitoring and health monitoring. Users can even keep a stress and anxiety diary. There are a lot of things in this app. More than we have room for here. You can use a lot of it for free for a while. You have to subscribe to get everything.

Screenshot of Sanvello 2021

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Usually simple meditation

Price: Free / $ 7.99

Simple Habit Meditation is a fairly large meditation app. It has a library of over 1000 guided meditations. You get around 50 for free. Some other features include customizable meditations, meditation for various moods, and recommendations. It also offers meditations guided by various people, progress tracking and much more. Even the user interface is pretty cool. You get a seven-day trial to sign up. After that, it’s $ 7.99 per month.

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