10 best manga apps for Android

10 best manga apps for Android

My Manga Best manga apps for Android

The manga has been around for decades. It is also a fairly important part of Japanese culture. Now people all over the world are starting to really get into manga. It hasn’t proliferated yet. However, your mobile device can be a great place to find them. Here are the best manga apps for Android. We would like to give Crunchyroll Manga an honorable mention. It has an exceptional selection, but the user interface is pretty awful. Since the manga reads a lot like comics, you can also try the best comic book readers if you have your own business and just need a solid reader.

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Amazon Kindle / Google Play Books / Nook

Price: Release

Kindle, Google Play Books, and Nook are the most popular eBook reading platforms on the Internet. You’ve probably heard of it before. The good news is that they all have a collection of manga. The bad news is their fairly straightforward selection. We only recommend them because they are very popular, accessible, and strong on mobile devices. Those who love to read eBooks and want to get started with manga can find a good place to start with these apps. They all allow download for offline reading and your collection syncs between devices. Those who are already heavily involved in the manga scene might want something a little more hardcore, however. Kindle, Play Books, and Nook are all free apps, and you can legally purchase manga to support writers here.

Amazon Kindle is one of the best manga apps for Android

Animo Anime and Manga

Price: Release

Animo is a kind of social network for fans of manga and anime. The general idea is to explore the network, find recommendations and discover new things. The service boasts of being a place for fans of anime, manga, vocaloid music, cosplay, and more. You will find a clean design that makes it easier to navigate the app. Using the network is a little weird, but that’s okay with a derivative social network like this. You won’t find a manga to read like most manga apps, but you can get some decent ideas on what to read. The app is free, with no in-app purchases or ads. It is one of the best manga apps for those who like a community atmosphere. MyAnimeList is also a great place for stuff like this. There are no official apps for MyAnimeList, but here is a good mobile app client to try.

Animo - Best Manga Apps for Android

Cartoon garnish

Price: Free / $ 2.49

Comic Trim is a bit of a wildcard in this space. It’s relatively new, so we don’t know how this one is going to play out in the long run. However, he is a fairly proficient manga and comic book reader. It is a reader that supports CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, image and PDF files. This should cover most of the formats used by manga. This is only recommended for those who already have a stand-alone collection and need an application that can read them properly. The free version includes things like a night reading mode, magnifying glass mode, gesture controls, and more. The premium version removes ads, supports higher resolution images, and has a full dark theme.


Price: Free / $ 5.99 per month / Prices for individual comics vary

Comixology is a comic book app that has a lot to offer. It is primarily intended for fans of regular comics like Marvel or DC. However, the app has a pretty decent selection of manga. In addition to that, the app is specially designed for reading comics and this style of literature. This makes it a great place for fans to comfortably read comics on a smartphone or tablet. The manga is reasonably priced or you can subscribe to the Comixology service and read the manga for free. Their selection is purely digital. It’s also a good place for people who love comics as well as manga as the service has a lot of both.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

We are going a little off the beaten track with this choice. There are Discord servers for all kinds of interests, including gaming, socializing, and, yes, even manga. You can go to these servers to get recommendations from other manga fans and even find great places to buy or download manga. We don’t have specific links, but Communities should be fairly easy to find and the app has recommendations for many areas of interest. I personally am in an anime server for the same reason that I recommend it as a manga app and I’m quite happy with it. There are also many sub-reddit on Reddit dedicated to manga.

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Price: Free / $ 4.99 per month

Mangamo is the last manga app on the list at the time of writing. There is a lot to be gained. There is a decent selection with over 1000 volumes of manga. There are popular ones like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins and others. Finally, it’s a 100% legal platform, so you are contributing to authors and the industry as a whole. The cost of the subscription is lower than most at $ 4.99 per month and the app features are pretty good. The only downside is a few bugs and some organizational issues which we hope the developers will fix as soon as possible.

Mangamo 2020 screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free with in-app purchases

MangaToon gave us a kind of Wild West vibe. There is all kinds of content here, both from great creators and anyone who wants to download their content. The developers even create manga from the most popular novels users write, so it’s a fun place for creatives who want to try it out. On the reading side, you have all the basics, including a category system and a favorites system for easy navigation and recall. You can also download entire chapters and read them offline if you want. It all works on a coin system that you buy with real money. Fortunately, it’s not too expensive or something like that.

Screenshot of MangaToon 2021

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Release

Tachiyomi is one of the best manga apps out there, and it’s more complicated than most, too. It has a massive collection of normal and NSFW anime stuff (if you like that). The app also offers a variety of extensions that provide even more manga as well as catalogs from a variety of manga sources. It worked perfectly in our testing, although there is a bit of a learning curve. This app is not available on Google Play because the extensions are actually APK downloads and Google Play does not allow it. Plus, you know, the manga is free, the app has NSFW content, and those two things can sometimes rub Google the wrong way. You need to download the APK from GitHub (linked to the button) and install it from there. It’s a bit tedious, but people love this app.

Screenshot of Tachiyomi - Best Manga Reading Apps

Viz Media manga apps

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Unlike all the other manga apps on this list, Viz Media is actually a manga editor. Manga fans can know them for their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine where many popular series are serialized. On Android, you can get the official app of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine and read the issues. They also have a standard manga reader app with a Naruto specific manga app if you like that. All three apps are free to download, although you are required to spend money on the content. Plus, apps still need a bit of work, but they seem to be fine most of the time.

Viz Media Shonen Jump is one of the best manga apps for Android


Price: Free with in-app purchases / $ 6.99 per month / $ 57.99 per year

WebComics is a different genre from manga, but it usually itches the same itch. Both read the same and both can be enjoyable. Either way, WebComics is a huge website with a bunch of web comics. The app offers HD downloads of popular web comics as well as a working reading experience. The app uses in-app purchases or one-time comic book purchases or a subscription service if you want to bypass all of that and just read all the comics. There is so much content here that you will never get through it all and it works well in its execution.

WebComics screenshot

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